7 Sweet Anniversary Gifts for Him ...


7 Sweet Anniversary Gifts for Him ...
7 Sweet Anniversary Gifts for Him ...

If you have a special man in your life, you know how hard it can be to find anniversary gifts for him! I feel like women are so easy to shop for, give me a sparkly necklace or a pair of earrings and I’ll be happy. When I shop for my husband though, it’s almost impossible to find anniversary gifts for him! Here is a guide to help you find some sweet anniversary gifts that your guy will love!

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Personalized Keepsake

Personalized Keepsake Available at: personalizationmall.com
Price: $22.95

I love this so much! I actually want it for myself (hint hint, Hubby), but it is one of the great anniversary gifts for him because it is romantic without being feminine. The Lucite block is etched with your names and a red heart marks the day of your wedding. It is a sleek and classy keepsake to remind him of your wedding day.


Comic Style Portrait

Comic Style Portrait Available at: allpopart.com
Price: $110-$300

If you have a comic book or super hero loving husband, have your faces artistically drawn into a comic based portrait! There are several different styles you can choose from and they are hand drawn based on your photos. How awesome would this look hanging on your wall? I love creative gifts and this one is pretty unique.


World Travelers

World Travelers Available at: mapyourtravels.com
Price: $149.00

If, as a couple, you love to travel, this is a terrific gift! There are several versions available, so you can easily find one that is right for the two of you. You can choose one specific country or a map of the entire world. There are magnetic maps as well as illuminated plaques, all of which are beautiful. All of the mounted maps come with pins so you can mark the places you and your love have traveled to together.


Inscribed Ring

Inscribed Ring Available at: limogesjewelry.com
Price: $59.99

I think a ring inscribed with your names or a special phrase is truly the most romantic gift of all. He will be able to carry around that little message from you on his finger and it will remind him of how much you love him. There are an incredible amount of choices you can choose from so you are bound to find a ring perfectly suited to your guy.


Dresser Valet

Dresser Valet Available at: personalizationmall.com
Price: $29.95

I got this for my husband for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago and he loves it! Every guy should have a dresser valet to hold his special belongings that might otherwise get lost. The best part about this one is that it is fully customizable, so you can add your own special sentiment to it! The one I made says World's Greatest Husband on in the center and "I love you more" across the bottom.


Hardcover Book of Your Life Together

Hardcover Book of Your Life Together Available at: lovebookonline.com
Price: $39.95

This is an incredibly sweet idea and is 100% customized by you! You get to choose the book cover as well as the title and what is put on all of the pages inside. There is a list of over 2,000 “reasons I love you” pages for you to select from, or blank pages for you to add your own ideas. This is such a cute and creative gift that will tell your sweetheart exactly what you love about him!


Lunch or Dinner Cruise

Lunch or Dinner Cruise Available at: cloud9living.com
Price: $69-$349 per person (only available in certain areas)

If you aren’t into giving physical gifts, or you are looking to give something a little extra special this year, check out Cloud 9 Living. There are a tremendous amount of fun activities, trips and creative outings listed that you can purchase tickets for. What better way is there to spend your anniversary than by going on a romantic dinner cruise together?

No matter what sort of gift you decide to give your special someone, let it show the love you have for him. Anniversaries are special because they allow you to reminisce about your wedding day and think of all of the trials and tribulations you have overcome since that magical day. It is a day for realizing you love your spouse even more now than you did back then. What is the sweetest gift you have ever given your spouse?

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almost all of these are seriously expensive

My boyfriend would love the comic strip one! I wish it wasn't so expensive. Anyone know another company that does something like these? Or the Andy Warhol design?

It is Nice

These look like girl gifts. Not something a man would truly appreciate.

Ooh i wanna get a comic style portrait, i bet my man would looove that!

Love the book idea!

my gift to him in our anniversary is just a simple i just want to give a special thing to him that would ever last .

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