7 Sweet Ideas for a Spring Date ...


Love is in the air! Well, first you have to get through your first date. There are so many fun things to do/places to go on a first date to ensure you have an awesome time. Check out these suggestions and feel free to share your own!

1. Going to a Carnival

Carnivals are always fun because it lets you release your inner child! Plus, where else can you win a teddybear who's the same size as you?! Going to a carnival is perfect for a first date because you never have time to be bored. You can spend the night walking around, playing games, eating cotton candy, and of course, riding the ferris wheel together. Carnivals also provide many picture-worthy moments!

Going to a Concert


Exactly what to bring to a picnic date ?
Maria Maria
LOL. I remember I dated a Muslim before. Our first date was attending a Catholic mass. Sounds crazy. 😂😂
Going to get ice cream is fun. Next time I want me and my bf to share a banana split
My bf and I went mini golfing for our 1st date. Perfect way to have fun and really get to know each other (:
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