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Ah, the mysteries of love. We all want it, we all need it. But how many of us understand it? We all benefit by knowing more and understanding more, and even having some fun with it. Read on please ladies.

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How to Tell Someone How You Feel!

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The Secrets of Happy Couples

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How to Stay in Love

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Test Your Love Language

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How the 16 MBTI Personality Types Typically Experience Dating Relationships

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The Chemistry of Love

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How to Have a Happy Healthy Relationship

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First Kiss Tips

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Love is a Drug: Here's How to Kick the Addiction

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The Ingredients of Love

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What is Love?

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The Cycle of Love

Heart,cartoon,product,font,organ, Source: How To Have a Relationship


True Love

advertising,poster,font,product,diagram, Source: What Makes a Healthy Relationship


Oxytocin: the Love Hormone

advertising,product,biology,font,diagram, Source: 5 Ways to Unleash the


Soul Mates

text,advertising,font,poster,flyer, Source: love Things Doanie Likes


Healthy Love

text,font,line,brand,shape, Source: Relationships- With Adorable Truths


The Differences between Lust, like, Love, & Obsess

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Romantic Long Distance Relationship

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How the Mind Processes Love

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10 Idioms about Love

product,organ,art,diagram,fashion accessory, Source: 10 Idioms about Love [infographic]


What Women Want from Men

advertising,poster,brand,aviation,presentation, Source: I Confess! Four Basic Things


You Shouldn't Want to Change People if You Love Them

text,font,diagram,advertising,brand, Source: Commitment Connection – For Women


7 Steps to Stay Connected to Your Partner during an Argument

advertising,lip,brand,STEPS,STAY, Source: 7 Steps To Stay Connected


Signs You're Falling in Love

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Must Have Qualities to Find Love

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Got it thanks(:

The first infographic has a mistake. In Portuguese from Portugal "I Love You" translates to "Amo-te" and in Portuguese from Brazil it translates to "Eu te amo", and not the other way around, as shown in said infographic.

The first infographic messed up Finnish and Icelandic way to say I love you. Just noticed as I am a Finn myself 😄

Is there any way you could post a clearer version of the second infog?

Choctaw is "Chi hullo li"

The Persian one is more like I like you because when we say I love you its Asheghe tam

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