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I'm in Love with You ...

By Laura

Love isn't always like an Ed Sheeran song. It may not always happen like in a Nicholas Sparks novel, but girls, when it happens, what the heck do you do now? Do you tell your partner you are in love? Do you sit back and wait for them to express their love first? Don't you worry, I got you covered and I'm going to give you advice for when Cupid finally strikes you right in the heart.

1 Admit You're in Love to Yourself First

Sounds simple, right? NOT! If you can't get this boy or girl you are dating out of your head, own up to it. You're in love. Say it with me: I'm in love with you. Feels nice to admit it out in the open, right? Just cause you said it to yourself in an empty room, what about your partner?

2 Don't Push Your Partner Away

Admitting you are in love is hard but when you do it, you're vulnerable, which makes it even harder. Being vulnerable doesn't mean that you have to push your partner away out of fear or past trauma. You might want to because you want to protect yourself but dive into it! Love is the greatest feeling in the world. It's what makes you feel alive, don't squash it because you don't want to get hurt for the first time or again.

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3 Get Creative with How You're Going to Tell Him/Her

All right, so you're in love. You admitted it, right? Breathe in and admit it first to yourself (see point #1). Now, you gotta figure out a way to admit it to the person you are in love with... How do you tell them "I'm in love with you"? Maybe you just want to blurt it out, or maybe you want to plan a special evening, however you do it, make it memorable!

4 Surrender Yourself over to Love

When I first fell in love, I didn't want to immediately fall into it because I knew that I was going to be vulnerable and that I could get hurt. Remember when I said don't push your partner away? Well, why not surrender yourself to love? Love is great. It's actually the best feeling in the world and don't you want to experience that in your life?

5 The Love Songs Start to Make Sense

Whether it's Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift or someone else, love songs really start to describe exactly how I was feeling when you're actually in love! Hear what they sing? You feel that too? Well, that means that you're in love so get ready. You're now going to be looking up love playlists on Spotify to listen to at work and while you are driving just to keep that special someone on your mind.

6 Know They Love You Too

Every single time I hear my husband tell me that he loves me too it's seriously the best feeling in the world. You'll experience that too, girls, and you'll feel the butterflies, the goosebumps, the beauty of exactly what love is when you finally start saying I'm in love with you!

7 How Can You Really Tell?

Ah, the age-old question and my last point. How can you really, truly tell that it's love and not just lust or the honeymoon phase? Love is complicated, but it's also the best feeling in the world! When you know, you'll know. That sounds cliche AF but I promise it's true.

So, girls, are you ready to fall in love? Are you already in love and waiting to tell them I'm in love with you? Tell me how you told or plan to tell your boy or girl in the comments!

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