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8 Telling Signs of Passive-Aggressive Behavior ...

By Heather

Are you looking for signs of passive-aggressive behavior displayed in a fight? Do you think that you might be passive-aggressive but don't know what signs to look for? I am definitely a passive-aggressive fighter, but I had no idea what signs of passive-aggressive behavior to look for, until I did my research. If you have a feeling that your man might be pulling some passive-aggressive behavior, it might be time to take a look at the signs for it!

1 Complaining

The first sign of passive-aggressive behavior all boils down to the complaining. Does your man constantly complain about everything, but doesn't necessarily do anything about it? Does he constantly state small little jabs about how the housework is never done, but doesn't ask you to help? These are all signs of passive-aggressive behavior, but you might not be aware of it!

2 Memory Lapses

What about memory lapses? Does your man have those? Does he forget about things that are important that you've said? What about forgetting about all of the good things that you've done? These little memory lapses could be a sign of passive-aggressive behavior and he might not even realize it! Remember, being passive-aggressive is never really attacking the problem, but rather going around it.

3 Procrastination

Another form of passive-aggressive behavior all revolves around procrastination. Did your boyfriend ask you to do something? Do you resent him for it? Do you wait to do it until the last possible second? That's definitely one form of passive-aggressive behavior girls, you just might not know about it.

4 Sulking

Pouting and sulking are pretty much the same thing and truthfully, this is another way that you can be passive-aggressive, if you play you cards right. If your boyfriend wants to go and hang out with his friends. You really want him to stay home. Instead of actually asking him to stay home, you sulk and pout until he agrees to stay home. That's absolutely one of the forms of passive-aggressive behavior!

5 Protests

Or, maybe let's say that you do protest a little bit and you do finally tell him that you don't want him to go. Protesting your boyfriend's plans and making him feel guilty about having them is another form of passive-aggressive behavior. Don't pull this one girls, if he wants to go out with his friends, he shouldn't be made to feel guilty for that!

6 Resentful

Passive-aggressive behavior is all about resentfulness girls. If your boyfriend tells you something that you don't like, do you just wait to do it – or silently throw a fit? Do you write snarky notes instead of actually confronting the problem? Those are all of the signs of passive-aggressive behavior girls!

7 Unreasonable

Being passive-aggressive can actually make you extremely unreasonable and can make you really stubborn. Truthfully, I can get this way when I don't get my way – I think everyone can. Sometimes, it's really hard to get out of this headspace, but it can happen!

8 Doesn't Take Blame

Finally, the last sign of passive-aggressive behavior that you should be looking for girls is no blame. Are you constantly seeing that your man doesn't take blame? Do you take blame? If not, it could be a sign! Remember, someone is always to blame and sometimes, it might be easier to take the blame.

Did you find out if you exhibit passive-aggressive behavior more than your boyfriend? Do you think your boyfriend has more passive-aggressive behavior? What other signs do you have ladies? Give 'em up!

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