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7 Signs You Might Be Too Clingy ...

By Heather

Sometimes girls, the sign you are too clingy are right there, but you might not be able to see them. I know that in the past, I've been too clingy sometimes, but the signs were all there. Do you constantly have to be in your boyfriend's space? Do you have a huge fear of him leaving you, even though he's never given you a reason to have that fear? Well girls, these are just a few of the signs you are too clingy and might need to back off. Below, I've got 7 signs you are too clingy so that you can stop being clingy and keep your man!

1 You Don't Give Him Any Space

Do you find that you constantly need to be looking at your boyfriend's phone? Do you constantly have to be exactly where he is? Do you not allow him to enter a room by himself? Girls, that's one of the signs you are too clingy and you do need to back off a little bit. After all, how would you like it if your man was following you around everywhere?

2 Constantly Fearful of Him Leaving You

Do you constantly have a feeling that your boyfriend is going to leave you? Do you live in fear that he's going to pack his bags no matter what he says? Well girls, that, alone could be a sign you are too clingy. Guys like confident women and while it might be difficult to be confident all of the time, remember, your man probably does love you and doesn't want to leave you.

3 You Don't Make Plans of Your Own

Do you constantly have to make plans with your boyfriend or at least run it by him before you commit? Do any of his plans always trump your plans because you want to make sure that you are glued to his side? Well girls, that is absolutely a sign you are too clingy and you may need to back off. You want to have the freedom to make your own plans right? And your man should be able to make his own without him worrying about you canceling your plans to hang out with him.

4 You Isolate Yourself to Him Only

Speaking of plans, do you even make them? Do you isolate yourself to just him and don't allow yourself to go out with your friends and family? Do you even call them? Well girls, that could be because you are being too clingy and just allowing yourself to get wrapped up in your boyfriend! Give him and you a break and call your friends!

5 You Secretly Check His Email

One thing that I pride myself on is not touching my partner's computer. It's her computer and I won't allow myself to go on it without her permission. One sign you are too clingy is that you need to constantly and secretly check what is going on in his email. Girls, that's his email, you shouldn't be able to check it!

6 You Get Upset when He Has Plans by Himself

Let's say that your man is making plans for a boy's night. He gives you plenty of notice and even tells you what they are doing. Do you still get upset just because he is trying to pull away a little and make plans without you? Girls, sometimes a guy just needs to hang out with his boys! That's all!

7 You Demand Passwords to His Facebook Account

Finally girls, the last sign you are too clingy that you should watch out for is demanding passwords to his Facebook account. Again, girls, his computer and anything that goes with it (including Facebook!) should be sacred! If you trust him, you shouldn't have to have access to his Facebook account!

So girls, do you feel that you've been too clingy? Are there any other signs you are too clingy that you've noticed? Share 'em below!

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