The Absolute Silliest Things Couples Fight over ...

Not all fights in relationships are over serious things. Many of them are over things that’re trivial, silly even. You’ll probably get a chuckle when you read through this list because you see yourself and your partner in them. I hope this article gives you some laughs as well as helps you feel not so alone in having silly fights.

1. What the Thermostat is Set on

This may be the most common argument between couples ever. I’ll admit that it’s what my husband and I fuss over the most frequently. We rarely ever have an argument over a real issue but we debate the ideal temperature setting at least every few days. I even watched a segment on The Today Show that covered thermostat wars between men and women. You can read about it at

2. What Type of Pizza Crust to Order

You like thick and he likes thin. Preferences could be reversed. The point is, you don’t agree on the type of crust to order and it’s impossible to get both in one pizza. This can create a dilemma! Many couples take turns getting their fav, which can be a good solution.

3. How Toilet Paper Goes over or under

People can have some strong feelings on how toilet paper goes on the roll! It can be a great way to start a debate at a party if you’re short on topics. A lot of times couples have differing opinions on this subject so it can be an ongoing battle. I’m in the favor of toilet paper going over but as long as it’s replaced, I can deal. As quickly as it needs changed, you can put it on the way you prefer next time.

4. To Wash or Reuse Towels

This issue is one that probably crops up the most between couples who both do laundry. If you don’t do laundry then you may see no value in reusing towels. I don’t know that there’s a good solution to this issue. It seems to be one that could remain unresolved and continue to crop up. You can look at the positive, though. It’s a small issue rather than a large one that keeps reappearing.

5. Which Restaurant to Eat at

This is another issue that has to be high on the list of things couples commonly argue over. It can also end up being a silly argument when one person says they don’t care where they eat and the other replies with a restaurant suggestion and gets shot down. It’s both frustrating and funny. It can help to offer up a few suggestions that sound good to you. This narrows down the choices for your partner or you could choose from their suggestions.

6. How Long Leftovers Stay Good in the Fridge

My husband and I differ on this one. I have a strict 3 day rule that I follow and some things get tossed on day 2. He feels if it’s been in the fridge then it’s good for a while longer. But we’ve found a simple way to handle this. We each follow our own convictions about leftovers and all is well.

7. How to Load the Dishwasher

Many couples don’t agree with how to load the dishwasher. My husband and I approach this chore differently. I’m a forks and knives down kind of girl while my husband is a forks and knives up kind of guy. He also loads it a little differently in other ways. But I’m so grateful for the help that it’s a non-issue for us!

These are 7 silly things that couples fight over. How many are true of your relationship? I’d love to hear from you.