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7 Things You Should Never Let a Guy Pressure You into ...

By Alison

There's a pretty simple rule that nearly always holds true - you shouldn't let anyone pressure you into doing something. If it doesn't feel right, or you flat out don't want to, then don't do it. Some guys can be rather dictatorial and try to tell you what you should do. Here are 7 things you should never let a guy pressure you into …

1 Sex

A guy who tries to pressure you into sex is only interested in himself. If he cared about you, he would wait until you're ready - and would also be able to take no for an answer if you're just not interested. Nor should you let yourself be pressurised into taking part in sexual activities that you don't like.

2 Sending Him Pictures

If a guy wants you to send him sexy pics, block him. The chances of those sexy pics being shared among his friends or all over the internet are HIGH. Never mind if he says 'I won't show them to anyone, babe' - you just can't be sure that nobody else will see them. And a stranger who asks you is a total sleaze, so never send pics to someone you haven't met.

3 Moving Away

The prospect of moving city or country may come up at some point if you're in a relationship. But if you'd rather stay close to friends and family, don't let yourself be pushed into moving away from them. While he may not have a sinister motive, you could still find yourself isolated and alone.

4 Having Children

Having children has to be a mutual decision; there's no two ways about it. You can't reproduce just to keep someone else happy. And it's not just women that get broody, men do to. So if your guy is pushing you to have kids, and you don't want to, resist. Children should only be born to parents who are absolutely sure they want them.

5 Taking Your Relationship Further

You should also never let a guy push you into taking a relationship further (and I don't just mean sexually). If you see it as a casual relationship, don't let him decide that you're now in a serious committed partnership. You also shouldn't get married just to please him; it should only be because you really want to.

6 Wearing What He Wants

Was I the only one who heard alarm bells ring when Kim Kardashian revealed Kanye West threw out the clothes in her wardrobe he didn't like and replaced it with his own choices? I doubt it. You should wear what you like, not what a guy tells you to wear. It's one thing saying that he likes a certain outfit on you, but trying to dictate what you wear is a sign of a controlling guy - and it won't stop at your wardrobe.

7 Doing What He Wants

In short, you should never do everything a guy wants, just because he wants you to. That's controlling and dictating your life, not being in an equal relationship. Your needs and wishes are just as important as his, so don't be a doormat and let him walk all over you.

Any guy who tries to push you isn't listening to you, so don't let him pressure you into anything. Have you ever had a controlling partner?

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