The Best Sex Positions for Power and Pleasure ...

By Sici

The Best Sex Positions for Power and Pleasure ...

Although sex is all about pleasure, there are plenty of us out there who firmly believe that it can be about power as well! Once you get the hang of mixing the two together in the perfect way, then you are on to a real winner! There are so many different dynamics to explore in the bedroom and power should definitely be one that features from time to time. Here are some of the best sex positions for power and pleasure!

1 Lazy Sunday

This involves laying down on your sides and facing each other, then scooting super close, placing your leg over your partner’s leg, and allowing them to penetrate you. This is a great position because it gives both of you the power to control the tempo and the movement of the intercourse, giving your partner the power to dictate the motion of the ocean, but also allowing you to make sure he doesn’t pound too fast!

2 Woman on Top Plank

Instead of the usual on top position that has you straddling him like a cowgirl, distribute your weight evenly on your forearms with your knees bent between a 45 degree and 90 degree angle. This results in you having much more intimate body contact with your man when you are on top, and you can maintain a much more steady rhythm.

3 Massage Magic

You know that scene between Emma Stone and Olivia Colman in The Favourite? Yeah, you should pretty much just replicate that! Have you partner sit back on the couch or lay back on the bed, and proceed to start massaging their legs from the ankles up, nice and slowly to build the tension. You will have complete power over their pleasure, and you get to dictate the tempo and pace. He won’t be able to feel the maximum sensations until you decide to put your hands in the right places!

4 Mutual Masturbation

Rather than trying to find a position that you both fit into perfectly, instead, try laying next to each other and touching yourself instead. There is something very sexy and powerful about being so close to someone and only touching yourself. In a weird way, the intimacy of it can actually bring you closer together, and obviously, you both have equal power in giving yourselves the pleasure.

5 Missionary Assist

Standard missionary is a thing of the past, it’s all about this upgrade nowadays! Get in the familiar missionary position, but this time stack two or three pillows under your bottom so that your partner can more easily enter you without you having to do so much bucking about and thrusting too. Having this pillow assist means that you can achieve much deeper and more pleasurable penetration; your bodies fit together like jigsaw pieces with that slight elevation!

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