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The Foolproof Guide to Dirty Talk for Girls Who Are Nervous to Try ...

By Lyndsie

Talking dirty is sexy and hot and arousing … but it can also be painfully embarrassing and horrifyingly awkward if you're nervous or if you've never done it before. I mean, sexy phrases sometimes sound so ludicrous when you say them out loud, don't they? Can you ever imagine telling somebody to pound you hard and cum on your tits? Well, some of you probably can – some people are so skilled at talking dirty that they're like sexual orators. Others stumble all over themselves and accidentally end up saying the most un-sexy things possible. This post is for those girls – all the girls who are much too nervous to try talking dirty. I got you, ladies.

1 Forget Watching Porn πŸ“Ί, It's Time to Read Some Erotica πŸ“š

Research is the key anytime you learn something new, and that counts for dirty talk, too. It probably seems like porn is the perfect place to learn how to bring some verbal raunch into the bedroom πŸ›Œ, but … yeah, no, it's not. In much of today's porn, the dialogue is so corny 🌽, fake, and unnatural that it's impossible to take it seriously. Erotica, on the other hand, relies on language. The words are an integral part of the arousal, and there's often fantastic dialogue.

2 Sexts πŸ“² Are the Perfect Jumping-off Point for Your Foray into Dirty Talk

Starting small is often helpful. If you're eager to become fluent in a dirtier dialect of the language of love πŸ’“, just text. Texting πŸ“² makes it easier to talk about certain things in general. Talking dirty through text lets you ease your way into it. It's less embarrassing when you aren't face-to-face, and since you have time to think πŸ’­ before you write, you won't feel quite as nervous. Besides, sexting πŸ’¬ is a great way to flirt with your partner – it excites both of you!

3 Find out Your Partner's Trigger Words

We all have words and phrases and descriptions of sexual acts that particularly arouse 😍 us. Most men and women like specific words for each other's genitalia πŸ‘πŸŒ and descriptions of what they'll do to each other. Everyone also has preferences – a guy might prefer the word β€œdick,” a woman might dislike the word β€œpussy.” Hearing them gives us a jolt and a tingle. They make us squirm a little. Those are the words you want to use when you're talking dirty. Your partner might even be aroused πŸ˜… by something you specifically say – and it doesn't even have to be sexual! Heather pronounces β€œmilk” like β€œmelk” so it rhymes with β€œelk,” and something about her accent with that word just bakes my biscuits.

4 Talk about What You Want in Excruciatingly Exquisite Detail

Here's a secret: your partner more than likely loves ❀️ hearing πŸ‘‚ about what turns you on and what you want her or him to do. If you're at a loss and don't know how to get started, it's the perfect place. It gets easier as time goes on, but even if you're not super detailed at first, letting your partner know where you want to be touched or what position you want to try is enough on its own.

5 Voice Your Feelings and Your Arousal Loud and Proud

Letting your partner know s/he's doing a good job is a turn-on. It's also another fantastic starting place if you're not sure what to say πŸ—£ next. If you're about to orgasm πŸ€— , say so. Do you find something your partner's doing particularly pleasing? Let her or him know. Not only is it sexy, but it practically guarantees your lover will do it again in the future. πŸ™Œ

6 Announce What You're Going to do

This subject matter is exciting for both partners, as well. It's also the perfect way to take the lead if you want to be the aggressor. Talking πŸ—£ about it – again, in as much detail as you can muster – increases the anticipation, keeping your partner turned on and on edge. It's that much sweeter and even more satisfactory πŸ‘Œ when you finally do what you described.

7 Master the Art of One-word Dirty Talk

It's perfectly acceptable to talk dirty using one word at a time, which is perfect for girls πŸ‘­ who are nervous πŸ˜₯ about doing it. You can reveal what you like, give a demand, and encourage your partner with just one word. β€œYes,” β€œharder,” β€œmore,” β€œdeeper,” β€œslower,” and β€œfaster” are all options, plus there's a whole host of dirty words and epithets at your disposal.

Do you talk πŸ—― dirty in bed? What are some of the words and phrases you use to drive someone wild?

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