9 Game-Changers for Girls Who Want to Stop Dating Douche Bags ...


We all have that time in our life when we date a douche bag. I did it for four years until I found the love of my life and now, I will pass along any and all advice that I have to you! Douchebags can be charming, the sex can be amazing and they certainly will take an interest in you and hook you with their personality. That doesn't mean that you have to keep dating them, though!

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First, Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

The very, very first step that you have to do is admit that you have a problem. You're probably addicted to the douche bag type, you probably like your man a little cocky, a little snarky and a lot sarcastic. That is not what a real relationship is based on. If they can't be nice to you, they shouldn't be worth your time.


Understand You Deserve Much, Much Better

This is the thing about us women, sometimes, when we have low self-esteem, we don't think that we deserve the world. Girls, let's stop this trend; seriously, it is only during more harm than good. We do deserve so much better than a guy treating us like shit.


Red Flags Are Something to Listen to

These aren't just something that your parents are warning you about. Red flags are something to really pay attention to. Are they living with their parents with no motivation to move out? Are they on bad terms with their family? Are they looking for a meal ticket? Ladies, it's time that you paid attention to all of the red flags out there.


Does the Guy Sound Familiar?

Ah, this is a big one. If the new guy that you are dating reminds you of the last guy that you dumped, why the heck are you dating him? Trust me, girls, this is definitely one of the biggest ways to stop dating a douche bag.


No, Really, is It a Repeat?

No, seriously girls, this needs to be repeated – are you dating the same type of guy? The same guy that says the same lines? Does that compliment sound like something the last guy would say? It's time for a change, which leads me directly to point #6!


Try Someone That Might Not Be 'your Type'

I know it's hard, but dating outside of your comfort zone and dating someone that might not be your type 100% is huge. It is something that will push you as a person and something that will break the chain. There are nice guys out there, you just have to find them and actually want to date them.


Commit to Changing the Way You Date

While you are at it, commit to actually changing the way that you date instead of just switching the person that you are dating. So let's say it together, 'I am going to commit to changing the way that I date'. How did that feel?


Or … Take a Break from Dating

Let's say that you are just over the dating scene in general. Take a break! It might do you some good to hit the reset button and instead, just focus on you (which is my next point by the way). Dating can be overrated sometimes and you know what they say - when you aren't looking is when you'll most likely find the person you're supposed to be with.


Focus in on You and What You Really Want Right Now

Whether you are taking a break or not, you need to focus in on you and yourself. Trust me on this girls, if you don't love yourself, don't know yourself, you aren't going to be able to love someone else.

So, now that you know how to quit dating a douche bag, what other commitments are you making? Do you plan to stop dating someone that isn't treating you right?

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True! :)

Hate the term douche bag.

I agree, deff focus on YOU👍🏻

I just got out of the worst relationship of my life😓 I Fr need to take a break from dating

Idk if my current is classified as douche bag but the way he is treating me is giving me sleepless nights.. Not to mention we are in a long distance rs..

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