The 5 Keys to Dating Success in Your 30s: a Guide for Women ...

Dating is a bit like trying to find an earring that you lost in the bottom of your handbag or the Amazon Jungle ~ same thing really. And as you get older, it well, it gets harder. A bit like being transported back into your school days when the teacher told you all to pair up and you were left standing in the middle of the room, partner-less. But the good news is that dating in your 30s is great, in fact, it is better, than that - it is excellent. Here are 5 ways to hooking up the ultimate date and how to find keepers everywhere.

1. Stay Away from Married Men

This one should just be a no brainer, but funnily enough, ahem, it’s the cardinal rule dating breaker that far too many women have admitted to breaking. Yes, okay, fair enough, he was single to start off with, and then out came the 2.5 kids, the soccer mom and the white picket fence. There is only one solution to this scenario – get up, walk out the door, close it behind you and never look back. He will never, ever, ever leave his wife. Don’t settle for being the second choice.