The Pros and Cons of Turning a Friendship into a Relationship ...


The Pros and Cons of Turning a Friendship into a Relationship ...
The Pros and Cons of Turning a Friendship into a Relationship ...

Friendship is a type of love. And although people usually disagree on whether a true friendship between men and women is possible or not, sometimes this type of friendship exists. And sometimes those who believe that friendship between a man and a woman is not possible are right. And all of a sudden a woman falls for her guy friend and he falls for her. There are certain pros and cons into turning friendship into a romantic relationship.

The pros

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You Know Each Other Very Well

Vacation, Lake, Boating, Water, Fun, You have been friends so there are definitely some common interests and you know each other well. You have possibly shared your problems with each other, you know when the other one is not okay or when they are not in the mood to talk. If you have been friends for a long time you might be able to even understand each other without talking. Also, chances are you have observed each other in past relationships and could possibly already tell what are the other one's weak traits in romance.


You Have Common Friends

Love, Male, Selfie, Interaction, Summer, It is possible that you both belong to a bigger group of friends and although it might be a little weird for them at the beginning, then they will get used to it and also you both might be a little more relaxed. Being surrounded by other people that already know you might make it easier.


You Trust Each Other

Shoulder, Jeans, Beauty, Denim, Leg, Any type of relationship, romantic or friendly, requires a certain amount of trust. Since you were already friends, trust is not foreign to you two. You trust and respect each other and this is why you lasted so long as friends. And that is why you might last as a couple even more.

The cons


The Dynamics of Your Relationship Will Change

Love, Interaction, Yellow, Snapshot, Pink, From friends you will become a couple. Your relationship will go through some changes. Maybe now that you are an item, sharing won’t be as easy as it used to be. Either of you might feel shy or intimidated to share some things that you used to share with each other previously.


There is a Possibility You Will Break up and Lose Your Friendship Too

Kitchen, Countertop, Room, Cooking, Interior design, Human relationships are not a binding contract where you can predict when or if it is going to end. There is a chance that a break up will never occur and you will go on happily ever after but there is also the possibility that you will break up and if that happens it might not be so easy to just go back to being friends. There is a chance you will never manage to be only friends again and there is also the danger that your other common friends will pick sides on the break up and your entire group’s dynamic can disappear.


Sex Might Not Be What You Imagined

Love, Grass, Beauty, Interaction, Sitting, Depending on how good friends you were, there might be a chance you have talked about sex many times. While you were friends and the possibility of sex between the two of you wasn’t obvious, you might have said or he might have said some things that formed a picture in your minds about how good is the other one in bed. But when it comes to actually having sex, this idea might go sideways. It doesn’t necessarily mean that either of you is bad at sex. You just might not be as compatible as you thought you would be.

Here is the thing when turning friendship into love: it’s a big decision. And since there is no guarantee that this will work, you need to be well aware of the risk you are taking. Of course there are cases where this worked perfectly. There are also cases that the people involved regretted it. Consider those things and also it might be good to dig a little deeper and figure out if what you are feeling is really love or just a fling. At the same time, you might want to make sure that both of you are on the same page. There is no point in keeping on thinking about it when you have no idea if your friend / possible future partner is even remotely interested in you.

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