The Wrong Reasons to Get Married ...


Getting married is a wonderful thing. Being married is special. There are dozens of reasons to get married. But, there are also some very good reasons why not to. Simply wanting to is not good enough. Here are some of the wrong reasons to get married:

1. Family Pressure

Top of the list of wrong reasons to get married is pressure from your family to finally settle down and begin the next chapter of your life. What parents and grandparents tend to forget is that times have changed significantly since their marriages and it is simply not a foregone conclusion that you have to marry your long-term partner anymore. The decision to get married should be one made by you and your partner alone; no external voices should be heard!



me and my fiance has been engaged for nearly 4 years now, and we were planning to do it this year but i got pregnant with our second now we have to wait another few years, there's always something getting in the way!!!!
Getting pregnant is another reason...the bare fact that you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to marry the person that got you pregnant
peony blue
Correct get married because you want and your other half wants to as well. Don't listen to anyone because at the end of it is your future ans that's that. Just saying.
Helenna Beatrice Alas Organo
Peer pressure can be one, too. For some instance, you tend to think that you should be married now just because your group of friends are. It's quite an immature reason to get married.
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