17 Reasons to Smile when Youre Single ...

By Holly

Yes, relationships are special. However, your life isn't a mess, just because you're single. After all, it's better to be unattached than to be attached to the wrong person. So here are a few reasons for single ladies to smile:

Table of contents:

  1. there are other people who love you
  2. you can flirt around
  3. you have more time for friends
  4. you have a whole bed to yourself
  5. you don’t have to answer to anyone
  6. you won’t get your heart broken
  7. you don’t have to visit your in-laws
  8. you don’t have to shave your legs in winter
  9. you don’t have to spend money on dates
  10. you’re in charge of what to watch on netflix
  11. it’s better than being in a bad relationship
  12. you can masturbate
  13. you don’t have to share your food
  14. you can hang out with guy friends
  15. your phone bill will be lower
  16. you still have your celeb crushes
  17. you can stay in pjs all day

1 There Are Other People Who Love You

Boyfriends aren't the only ones capable of loving you. You have plenty of family members, friends, and collogues who love you just as much as any man ever could.

2 You Can Flirt around

If you stumble across a hot guy, you can feel free to flirt with him. That wouldn't be appropriate if you were in a relationship, so be happy for the opportunity.

3 You Have More Time for Friends

Successful relationships require you to spend a lot of time with your mate. Since you're single, you'll have more time to spend with friends, more alone time, and more time to make money.

4 You Have a Whole Bed to Yourself

Cuddling is always fun, but it's just as much fun to sprawl out on a big bed. Be happy that you don't have to share your precious blankets.

5 You Don’t Have to Answer to Anyone

You don't have to tell anyone you're going when you leave the house. You're free to do as you wish without worrying about upsetting anyone

6 You Won’t Get Your Heart Broken

You can't get your heart broken if your heart doesn't belong to anyone. Enjoy the happiness while it lasts.

7 You Don’t Have to Visit Your in-laws

You won't have to leave your family's house early on Thanksgiving to visit your in-laws. You get to spend the whole day with your own aunts and uncles.

8 You Don’t Have to Shave Your Legs in Winter

Unless you're going to be wearing shorts in the freezing cold weather, you don't actually need to shave your legs. No one's going to see them.

9 You Don’t Have to Spend Money on Dates

Men don't always pay for dinner. Sometimes, you'd be the one paying for two meals--but since you're single, you don't have to worry about spending all that extra money.

10 You’re in Charge of What to Watch on Netflix

You don't have to sit through a show you hate. You're in charge of what you watch and when you watch it.

11 It’s Better than Being in a Bad Relationship

It's healthier to be single than to be stuck in a bad relationship. That's why you should be proud of yourself for refusing to settle!

12 You Can Masturbate

Even though you won't be having sex, you can still orgasm. All you have to do is use your two hands.

13 You Don’t Have to Share Your Food

When you buy a delicious dessert, you won't have to worry about splitting it in half. You get it all to yourself.

14 You Can Hang out with Guy Friends

A boyfriend could end up jealous of your guy friends, but since you're single, you don't have to worry about that possibility. You're free to do as you wish without upsetting anyone.

15 Your Phone Bill Will Be Lower

When you date someone, you'll text them constantly. For now, your phone bill will be a little lower, because you're not receiving gooey texts every five seconds.

16 You Still Have Your Celeb Crushes

"Real" boys are never as good as celebrities. That's why you could end up happier by watching Benedict Cumberbatch interviews than by going out on dates.

17 You Can Stay in Pjs All Day

You don't have to get changed and put on your makeup to go out on dates. You can spend your days inside instead.

Relationships are amazing, but that doesn't mean you should be depressed whenever you're single. Are you proud of being single?

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