7 Things Men Absolutely πŸ’― Hate 😣 during Sex πŸ™Š ...


If you're sexually active, you want the experience to be fun for the both of you. In order for that to happen, it helps to know what men love and hate during sex. Your Tango has all you need to know about the latter. Here are a few things guys absolutely hate during sex:

1. Seeing You Cry

Seeing You Cry
Hearing You Talk about Babies


I dont sgree with most of them may b authers man doesnt like all this but some of the r actualy sexy like being sleepy we r not sex robots hello we r humans.
Bored or sleepy ? Not the girl fault ha ha ha. If a man hates seeing me bored, maybe should he learn to give better sex
Well my boyfriends a sadist so watching me cry turns him 😹 also talking about babies and starting a family also gets him horny too maybe mine is just weird? Lol
LΓ‘ra Ingileif
My boyfriend is always talking about how he can't wait to get me pregnant once we're married.... Yeah it really isn't a turn on for me but it really gets him off so what the hell
Um porn is not okay
Men are crazy ....talking about babies ...is not bad ...dude ..:o
This is bull @sasa I'm tired of them too. It's like nothing pleases them
Mish Mash
Too much talking not enough it's easier with a battery powered toy lol πŸ˜‚
Sasa Fab
Ugh! I'm so tired of men!
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