7 Little Things to Try for a Steamier Sex Life ...

By Holly

7 Little  Things to Try for a Steamier  Sex Life ...

If you want a sex life to brag about, listen to what Thought Catalogue has to say. They've come up with a few little tricks you can use in the bedroom to really make your time worthwhile. Here they are:

1 Have Sex in Pitch-black Darkness

This way, you'll have to rely on your other senses to guide you. Instead of seeing your partner's lips, you'll have to feel around for them. The mystery of it all can be incredibly satisfying.

2 Keep Your Clothes on

You don't always have to rip off all of your clothes before having sex. If you keep some items on, you'll feel naughtier. Besides, you know what they look like naked, so you can still fantasize about it.

3 Leave the Door (or Windows) Open

Your neighbors aren't going to peek through your windows, but the possibility of it happening can be a major turn on. It'll give you a rush of adrenaline that you don't normally feel.

4 Have Sex before You Go out

At the end of the night, you two might be too exhausted to get it on. That's why you should do it before you go out with your friends. Then you have a nice memory to think about while you're out.

5 Take Turns Narrating the Action

Voices can be a major turn on. That's why you should tell your partner exactly what you're going to do to him before you do it. You can even tell him what you want him to do to you.

6 Kiss Each Other Everywhere but the Lips

You shouldn't do this every night, but try it once in a while. If you're not "allowed" to kiss on the lips, your mouth will have to travel to other places. Then you'll touch parts of his body you never bothered with before.

7 Commit to Post Sex Debriefing

After you have sex, question your partner. Ask him what his favorite and least favorite parts were. That way, you'll learn what he likes and can enhance your performance.

What other sex tips do you have?

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