7 Things Every Girl Absolutely Needs to Ask Herself before Losing Her Virginity ...

By Holly

Losing your virginity isn't going to change your entire life. However, you should still be careful about who you choose to do it with and when. You don't want to rush into a sexual relationship before you're ready for all that it entails. If you've been thinking about letting a certain boy pop your cherry, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you actually go through with losing your virginity:

1 Are You Comfortable with Him?

If you feel awkward when you're out at dinner with a man, then you're going to feel even more awkward when you're naked in his bedroom. That's why you should wait until you find someone that makes you feel safe and secure. Sex is an intimate experience, which is why it's important for you to sleep with someone who makes you feel completely comfortable.

2 Are You Being Pressured?

You shouldn't sleep with someone, just because you feel like you're too old to be a virgin. Don't let society, your boyfriend, or your friends pressure you into having sex. You shouldn't do it to have a fun story to tell. You should do it because it's what you truly want.

3 Do You Feel like You're Mature Enough?

Everyone has a different opinion on how old you should be before you lose your virginity. That's why you should think about the situation in terms of maturity. If you're eighteen, but you and your boyfriend still behave like children, then you should hold off on having sex. However, if you think you're mature enough and responsible enough to handle a sex life, then you can go through with it.

4 Do You Know Enough about Sex?

Health class doesn't teach us all we need to know. That's why you should do some research on the male body, the female body, and protection. If you don't know about the success rate of condoms and the pill, then you should learn about them before you actually have sex.

5 Will You Regret It if He Leaves You Tomorrow?

Even the nicest boys have slept with a girl and then left her. That's why you should never have sex with someone with the hopes of turning them into your boyfriend. If the man you sleep with leaves you tomorrow, will you regret that you've had sex with him, or will you still think that you've made the right choice?

6 Do You Have a Secluded Place to do It?

This is more of a technical issue, but it's still important to consider. After all, you can't sleep with someone if you don't have a secluded place to do it. While losing your virginity inside of a car might sound sexy, it'll be pretty uncomfortable. You need a nice, relaxing place to do it your first time.

7 Is It Really What You Want?

This is the most important question that you can ask yourself. If you don't have much of an interest in sex, then there's no reason for you to do it. You might be asexual, you might be too young, or you might be waiting to find the right person. There's no reason to lose your virginity if you don't have your heart set on doing so.

Losing your virginity isn't the end of the world. However, you could end up regretting it if you do it with the wrong person, or do it before you're truly ready. That's why you should ask yourself these questions to see what the right decision is. Which one of these questions is the hardest to answer?

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