7 Things to Avoid on a First Date ...


First dates are nerve-wracking to say the least. If you're wondering what things are best avoided on a first date, here's guest contributor Janel with her list!

If you have an upcoming first date, you are in the right place to familiarize yourself with things to avoid on a first date. Generally, dates can take a lot of effort, but the pressure is only maximized when going on an official date for the first time with someone new. First dates can bring about so many emotions at once including anxiousness, nervousness and excitement and that’s only to name a few. Calm down! Beyond all of the emotions, a first date should be a special occasion you look forward to and hopefully, enjoy. Get your date off to a good start by keeping these simple but important tips on things to avoid on a first date in mind.

1. No Cell Allowed

Constantly using your cell phone does not send a good message, especially on a date. This can be quite impolite and presents a great deal of disinterest. Unless something really important comes up, you should keep your cell phone usage to a minimum. Frequently pulling out your cell phone is definitely a turn-off and one of the most important things to avoid on a first date. Put your phone down and focus on your date. The e-mails, texts and social media posts will all still be there once your outing comes to an end.

Don’t Fake It


It's me the lov moktor! First date? Be YOU! Don't shave, wash, brush ur teeth, use deodorant, don't wear a bra! Be natural and if the guy can't stand the overwhelming scent of bio then he's not the gu...
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