9 Silly Habits That Harm Your Relationship to Avoid at All Costs ...


9 Silly Habits That Harm Your Relationship to Avoid at All Costs ...
9 Silly Habits That Harm Your Relationship to Avoid at All Costs ...

There are actually a few silly habits that harm your relationship that you should definitely avoid at all costs if you want your relationship to keep running smoothly. A relationship can take a lot of effort from both of you, especially when that period of infatuation is gone and you are starting to get to know each other better. Don’t sabotage your relationship by doing these destructive things every single day! Try to do everything in your power to make your relationship grow and avoid those silly, and at the same time, damaging habits. A happy and successful relationship isn’t just about rainbows and butterflies; it requires communication, respect and a lot of work from both of you. So, just read on and find out what are those silly habits that harm your relationship that you should avoid at all costs:

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Nagging Too Much

This is definitely one of the most destructive habits that harm your relationship! There’s such a thin line between giving constructive criticism and nagging all day long! Make sure you don’t cross it if you want to keep your relationship healthy and happy. A lot of studies have actually shown that nagging is the number one factor of dissatisfaction among the men who are in a relationship. Remember that nagging will only make the situation worse, so just keep your thoughts to yourself from time to time, because your partner doesn’t have to do everything according to your timeline.


Taking Your Partner for Granted

I know you two love each other a lot and you think that nothing could go wrong between the two of you but, despite all that, you shouldn’t take your partner for granted. Learn to appreciate them every single day and just understand how fortunate you are to be with such a wonderful person. Be grateful for what you two have and remember why you love your significant other so much!


Trying to Improve Them

One of the biggest mistakes most people do when they are in a relationship is the fact that they’re constantly trying to change their partner to better suit their needs. They actually think that they are doing their loved one a favor, since they are only trying to improve them, to make them better, but the truth is that they couldn’t be more wrong, since there’s no such thing as a perfect person. Just don’t expect unrealistic changes and learn to accept your partner just the way they are.



Not really listening to what your partner has to say can have damaging effects in the long term and it can seriously affect your relationship. I know it’s so much easier to just nod your head and agree to everything you hear, without actually paying attention to what your significant other is saying, but if you’re always half-listening to what they have to say, this bad habit can lead to a lot of problems. Work on improving your communication skills and truly listen to what your loved one is telling you.


Fighting in Public

Never, under any circumstance, fight in public! You will only embarrass your partner and you will make other people feel awkward too. This is not the right way to solve your problems! Just talk things through when you are alone and see what you can do to improve your relationship.


The Silent Treatment

This is definitely the best way to sabotage your relationship and your happiness! You will solve absolutely nothing by using this method. Ignoring your partner when you have a lot of things to clarify is not really the best choice you can make. By doing this, you will only feel miserable, you will make your partner feel miserable too and you might even hurt them. So, just avoid this silly habit, because it will only damage your relationship instead of making it stronger.


Avoiding Discussions about Problems

Avoiding discussing the problems you two have will not make them disappear! In fact, your problems might even get worse because there are a lot of things that need to be clarified. Sometimes, disagreements are bound to happen, because you two are different and you have different opinions, so don’t be scared if you don’t agree with everything your partner says. Arguments can be a healthy part of your relationship, so always try to talk things through when you are facing a problem.


Keeping Score

Of course, in a healthy relationship, each of you should give and receive approximately the same. Don’t keep score though, because you are supposed to do certain things out of love and not to be fair. Just don’t keep track of every little thing that you do for your partner, because this habit will only damage your relationship in the long term and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.


Telling White Lies

Lying is never a good thing, so it doesn’t matter if you lied to protect your partner’s feelings; a lie is still a lie. This is definitely one of the most harmful relationship habits that you should try to avoid at all costs. Even the white little lies can seriously damage your relationship and your partner will lose their trust in you. Build your relationship on honesty and trust each other! There’s no point in letting this bad habit sabotage your relationship or your happiness!

There are a lot of mistakes people do when they are in a relationship. The important thing is to realize that what you are doing is wrong and then, just try to correct your mistakes. Have you ever done any of these mistakes? What other silly habits that can harm your relationship do you know? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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My ex tried to improve me,I still can remember it's drive me crazy,someday I couldn't take it anymore,trying to improve ur partner it's totally wrong way!!!! T-T

you can not tell your partner everthing if u know how they r

somerhings jus nd to be left unsaid

gently explaining I need a half hour to go for a walk if frustrated. or gather my thoughts, or soothe myself but that I am not ignoring or sulking works. wonders for me, a recovering rageaholic

My poor husband can totally relate to this article!! Lol thank God I've changed! Haha

Disregarding your partners feelings or lack of empathy. We've all heard the agree to disagree or all people view and deal differently, BUT don't be one track minded.

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