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11 Things to Get Him for His Birthday ...

By Emily

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon, so I have been constantly brainstorming things to get him for his birthday. I’m sure you all have had this problem before! It’s hard to find something that doesn’t seem like you didn’t put effort into it. Here are some things to get him for his birthday:

1 A New Outfit

This is one of my favorite things to get him for his birthday! I always shop for clothes for my boyfriend, but it might be a good idea for a birthday present! You can get him a nice shirt with a silk tie that has a special pattern on it. For instance, I have been getting my boyfriend Stanford ties, and he loves them!

2 A Home Cooked Meal

Your present doesn’t have to be pricey! It just has to be thoughtful! A nice gift would be to learn to make his favorite meal and dessert and surprise him with it!

3 An IPod

If your guy doesn’t have an iPod already, this would be a good idea. To make it extra special, you could load all his favorite songs into it.

4 DVD Seasons

If you have a show that you two watch together, get the entire series and gift it! That way, you two can always watch it whenever you want, and he will remember you.

5 Picture on Canvas

There are two ways to go about this gift: get a canvas printout of a cute picture of you two or if you’re artistic, maybe you can paint on of you two. Either way, he will have something wonderful to put up and look at!

6 Camping or Sports Equipment

Does your boyfriend love sports? Or maybe camping? You can get him a new camping kit or new sports equipment. Guys can never have too much of that!

7 The Same Number of Gifts as His Age

This is obviously be easier if he’s younger, but you can get 22 items on his 22nd birthday and have him go through all the presents. This is a great option if you are stuck on what to get him. You can include serious, homemade, and silly gifts!

8 Tickets

A great gift is concert tickets! You can see if your boyfriend’s favorite band is coming into town, and if they are, try to get the best tickets. You can even check out his favorite sports teams, or a play!

9 Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love treasure hunts? To make it extra special, the hints can be places that you two have spent time together. For example, one clue could be: “We had our first date here.” So cute!

10 Travel

You could get him a travel voucher so you two could spend a weekend someplace romantic! Or if airfare is at an all time high, you could surprise him with a road trip to someplace a little closer!

11 A Day of His Favorite Things to do

This is a great way to celebrate his birthday: by doing everything he loves, right by your side! You could go for a hike, watch his favorite movie, and eat at his favorite restaurant! The possibilities are endless!

These are some of my go-to ideas when I need to figure out what to get my boyfriends. But remember the most important thing: heartfelt presents are the best. And it’s the thought that counts! Have you ever given any of these gifts to your significant other? What are you going to give to him for his next birthday?

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