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7 Things to do when You Can't Stop Thinking about Him ...

By Heather

There are probably lots of times when you can't stop thinking about him, right? There are probably tons of times when you are really so wrapped up in your crush that he's all you have on your mind. When you are trapped in one of those times when you can't stop thinking about him, keep in mind some of these tips! These tips will keep him outta your head and distract you!

1 Distract Yourself

Funny enough, our very first tip to help you when you can't stop thinking about him is to distract yourself! Read a book, distract your mind and really see if you can get him out of your head. I know it's hard to be distracted and believe that you can stop thinking about him, but you can, you just need the right distraction!

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2 Rely on Close Friends

Close friends are going to be your salvation! They will keep you busy and make sure that you aren't constantly calling … or making a fool out of yourself because your guy is on your mind. Go out shopping, take a day trip somewhere – really get out of the ordinary and do something different with your friends!


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3 Gain a Hobby

You probably have a ton of hobbies already, why not pick one and really see if you can make it distract you enough to get him out of your head? My hobby is photography and really learning how to take a great picture. When I am in the zone, nothing distracts me! Find something that takes you out of your own head space and nothing will distract you either – not even him!

4 Don't Dwell on Him

Easier said than done, right? Well, remember, you have a life too, you have your own thoughts and feelings, why do you think that you need to dwell on him? Just try not to keep him on your mind and instead, concentrate on other things – such as your life!

5 Don't Replay Every Action between the Two of You

I know that this is one thing that I had a hard time with when I had crushes (before I was in a committed relationship). It was all about replaying every single action that happened. It's hard not to do this, but you'll find yourself regretting so much, so just let it go!

6 Date Night with the Girls

While you might be relying on your close friends for a distraction, why not plan a date night with them? Heading out for a night out on the town can be the perfect distraction for you! Just find a hot club and dance the entire night away! Or, head to your favorite restaurant and taste a bunch of new things on the menu!

7 Family Time

Another fantastic way to get him off of your mind is all about family time. Who doesn't love family time? This is a time when you can really let loose and really forget about your crush and instead, focus in on your family. Whether it is hanging out with your parents or talking to your siblings, just use them as a distraction!

Your crush is probably a stellar guy, but do you really want to think about him all of the time? It can be distracting! What other tips do you have to get him off of your mind? Share!

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