7 Things to Try if You Can't Stand Your Man's Fashion Sense ...


7 Things to Try if You Can't Stand Your Man's Fashion Sense ...
7 Things to Try if You Can't Stand Your Man's Fashion Sense ...

What do you do when you can’t stand your man’s fashion sense? There’s actually a lot you can do! Of course, some of these options depend upon the length of your relationship. You’re going to be more comfortable with some of these ideas after you’ve been dating awhile than in you would the first few weeks of dating. 💑

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Compliment Him when He Does Wear Something You like

You always want to be careful not to hurt your man’s feelings. And that means focusing on the positive instead of the negative. So give him positive feedback by complimenting him when he does wear something you like. This can encourage him to wear it more often. And who doesn’t love a compliment? 😊


Give Him Clothing 👕 and Accessories as Gifts

Another thing to try when you don’t love your man’s sense of fashion is to give him clothing and accessories as gifts. His birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are all great occasions to give gifts like this. And you can always give him just because gifts, too. You may even influence him to begin changing his style by giving him other choices to wear.


Define His Style

It’s important to define his style. This can help you to shop for him more accurately. For example, if he’s always wearing oversized jerseys that you hate then you know his style is sporty. 🏈 You could try something along the same line of style that’s a little more fashion forward such as a nice polo shirt by a sporty brand such Under Armour. He may even prefer the options you show him.


Go Shopping with Him

One thing couples often do is walk around the mall. Why not make that time useful? Help him find some good options in clothing. Of course you don’t want to insult his style, just show him some other options. And if he doesn’t bite, let it go.


Accept He Needs Clothes for Downtime Too

Maybe the clothes you don’t like are the ones that your man wears when he’s just hanging out. Maybe he wears suits all week so that’s why he doesn’t care so much what he wears on Friday nights. We all need downtime right? I know that I love lounging in my joggers when I’m home. Look over the unfashionable jeans and old tee to see the man wearing them.

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Give It Time 🕐

He may not know or have cared much about fashion when he met you. That could change with time. If you’re a girl who puts a lot of effort into looking fashionable then he may start to care more about what he wears too. After all, he wants to impress you! So give his fashion sense some time to evolve.


Accept He Has His Own Taste

And you know, sometimes you just have to accept your man has his own taste in clothing. You can encourage him to choose clothing you like and compliment him but you also need to be able to accept him the way he is. You wouldn’t want him to try to change you, right? So don’t get too hung up on what he wears. Your relationship is way deeper than that!

These’re some tips to help you out when you can’t stand your man’s fashion sense. Are you in this spot? I hope these tips have been helpful to you.

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My fiancé dresses the same way every time we hang out. A fleece sweatshirt undershirt& he owns 5 pairs of the same style of Levi's. Little by little, I'm trying to break him out of this habit!

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