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Reasons to Stand by Your Man in our modern times are often overlooked or walked all over as soon as the next cute guy comes along. I'm afraid more and more women take marriage far too lightly and I don't quite agree with that! That's why I decided to write this article about reasons to stand by your man. I want women everywhere to think twice before they decide not to support their husband or want to leave him without very good reason! Please keep reading for 7 reasons to stand by your man!

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You Made a Vow

The most important reason to stand by your man that I can think of is that you made a vow. You vowed to love, honor and cherish him no matter what. You may not always agree with what he says or does, but everyone is different! You should still support him if it's just a matter of opinion and not a matter of life and death or morals.


He Needs You

It's true-men need their wives to need them! They want to be admired and adored and looked up to by their wives. If he's not getting that adoration and fulfillment from you, he may look elsewhere! This is as good a reason as any to stand by your man. Admire and respect him for all he's worth and it will pay off in the end!


Your Children Are Watching

If you have children of your own, it's important to remember that they are watching you. They will pick up on and learn all your habits, good and bad. If you make it a habit to cut down your husband around them, they will think of that as being acceptable. This is an important reason to stand by your man! You want your children to learn positive behavior!


You're an Example

As mentioned before, your children are watching you, but even more than that, other wives and other children watch you. What kind of idea to you think you leave in their minds about your husband or your character when you put him down in public? A wife should always want to lift up her husband and make him look good in the eyes of others.


He Deserves Respect

Any good, moral, self-respecting man deserves respect. Especially those with more demanding jobs such as police work, firemen, military, and a host of others. But more than that, as the leader of your home he deserves the respect of having his wife stand by him. Think how you would feel if your friends, family or loved ones didn't support your decisions or stand beside you!


He Works Hard

If your husband works hard to provide for you and make money for your family, this is a good reason to stand by your man. He's putting it out there for you! He wants to provide for you and make sure you have the things you want and need. So respect that and support him no matter what!


You Love Him

The best reason of all to stand by you man is because you love him. I couldn't imagine my own life without my husband. He is my best friend and soul mate! If you are blessed enough to be married to your best friend and you love him, consider that reason to stand strong by your man!

This list is a list of reasons to stand by your man, and I do believe that divorce should not be resorted to when things can be worked out. But if your husband is being abusive or harmful to you or your children in any way, form or fashion, you should seek help immediately. That being said, this list of reasons to stand by your man is full of tips and great advice if you and your husband have a healthy marriage. Thanks for reading! Do you have any other reasons to stand by your man you'd like to share?

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