7 Things Your BF Will Never do if He Really Wants You 😳😍❤️ ...


Trust is essential in a long-lasting relationship. However, there's more than one thing that you need to trust your boyfriend not to do to you. You need to believe with all of your heart that he's on your side and would never intentionally hurt your feelings. Here are a few things you need to believe your boyfriend would never do to you:

1. He Would Never Cheat on You

When someone asks you if you trust your boyfriend, you'll probably assume that they're asking you if you believe he'll be loyal to you. After all, trusting him not to cheat is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. You can't keep dating someone if you can imagine them running off with another girl. You need to have faith in their faithfulness.

He Would Never Lie to You


My ex did all these.*confused*
Never say never....
It's hard to trust someone when they give you bits and pieces of information when suitable to them. You stand up for him and become the bad person alienating others only to find out that your man dese...
Lebopo Bo Letshwiti
My love and I actually try up-hold all elements of this article. At times it feels impossible or unrealistic but relationships are hard work and need to be nurtured. Through this process we only get stronger. Stunning article. So much truth on functionality of a strong and long relationship.
I jJUST broke up with my bf... He does all these... Except I never thought he'd leave me, funny how I had to leave him ;(
this is bullshit sorry lmaoooo 😂😂😂 I was recently in a relationship and he said "I will never leave you I promise" then the next week he left .... he constantly flirted with other girls... and literally lied about everything but that's just my experience
it's okay to trust your significant other but don't let the love blind you. Sometimes men aren't faithful, lie and treat your poorly. They aren't all bad but don't be a fool.
Unless we live in fairy tale life
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