7 Things You Should Absolutely Never Have to do to "Earn" His Love ...


7 Things You Should Absolutely Never Have to do to "Earn" His Love ...
7 Things You Should Absolutely Never Have to do to "Earn" His Love ...

When you find the right guy for you, he'll agree to be your boyfriend without a boatload of conditions. You shouldn't have to bend over backwards in order to impress him enough to date you. If you're meant to be, he'll see what a wonderful woman you are from the start. Here are a few things you shouldn't have to do to earn a man's love:

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Buy Him Expensive Gifts

Buy Him Expensive Gifts Money can't buy you love. If you want him to notice you, it makes sense to give him expensive gifts. However, that's not the way to win his heart. Sure, it'll make him like you, but it won't make him want to date you. Even if it does, why would you want to be with someone so materialistic?


Have Sex with Him

Have Sex with Him You might think that having sex with him will convince him to date you, but that's not the case. If he's a player, he'll sleep with you and then leave your life permanently. That's why you should only have sex with a man when you're in a serious relationship with him, because then you'll be able to trust him. Never take that leap before you're 100% sure that it's the right move for you.


Let Him Walk All over You

Let Him Walk All over You Your boyfriend isn't supposed to be the boss of you. If he orders you around, then you shouldn't obey him. It's one thing for him to ask you to do the dishes for him, because he's feeling under the weather. It's a completely different thing for him to order you to clean up his messes.


Pretend to Be Someone You're Not

Pretend to Be Someone You're Not Maybe his mother wants grandchildren, so he tells you to pretend that you actually want to have babies one day. Maybe his friends all love football, so he asks you to pretend to like it, too. No matter how innocent a request like this seems, never listen to it. Your man should like you for you. If he wants you to act differently in front of the people he loves, then he doesn't love you.


A Grand Gesture

A Grand Gesture You don't have to declare your love to him by throwing rocks at his window and serenading him. You don't have to steal him a Blue French Horn either. All you have to do is let him know you like him, and that should be enough for him to ask you out. If he expects anything more than that, he's living in a dream world.

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Cook for Him

Cook for Him We're living in 2015, so your boyfriend shouldn't treat you like a woman from 1915. You don't have to cook all of his meals for him and do his laundry. He's perfectly capable of doing chores himself. If he expects you to do all of his work while he puts in zero effort, he's not worth your time.


Always Look Amazing

Always Look Amazing It's normal to spruce yourself up before you see your man. However, he shouldn't expect you to look perfect every time he sees you. Sometimes, you'll want to wear sweats and a hoodie, and there's nothing wrong with that. If he's offended, then he needs to reevaluate his priorities.

Don't underestimate yourself. You can land a boyfriend without doing all of these ridiculous things. Has a man ever expected you to do these things in order to win him over?

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I totally agree with this article!

Nice article.

I just want to always look amazing for me, even when I just wake up.😔

@Natalie I agree with Natalie. Fear should not even be in the picture. You got this. It's a little harmless thrill, if nothing else at all.

Preach he

I meet this really cute guy last year when I took my sibling trick or treating. During that time my sibling was getting candy this guy said he liked my costume. I didn't even have a costume on and I just said thank you and smiled. But I really would like to get to know him better a see if he could be a potential bf. Do you think it's okay if I give him my number? I don't know what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have found myself many times doing some of the highs listed to impress a man or win him over

Im sure 90% of us has done one this of things from lust to make her bf happy .

Just go up to him and give it. So the worse that can happen is he doesn't call you at least you won't have the thought in the back of your mind anymore

Preach! Anyone who expects any of this is not worth the effort.

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