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It’s easy to have certain expectations of your boyfriend. Being in a relationship can reveal expectations you didn’t even realize you had. It’s good to think about them and decide which ones are realistic. These’re 7 expectations you shouldn’t set for your boyfriend.

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To Listen like a Girlfriend

This one took me a long time to truly understand. Your boyfriend is never going to be like a girlfriend. He won’t think like a girl or act like a girl. He may be an amazing listener but he probably won’t offer you the same sympathy and comfort as a girlfriend, at least not in the same way. He can be comforting but it’s likely he’ll be more interested in helping you solve your problems than sympathizing with how it feels to go through them.


To Care about Fashion, Hair and Makeup like You do

This isn’t to say your boyfriend won’t appreciate how gorgeous you look. He will. But he most likely isn’t interested in deciding if Essie’s Chinchilly is more flattering than their Merino Cool. He’s probably not going to love spending 3 hours shopping for the perfect wallet, either. Understanding that can help save you a lot of frustration in your relationship.


To Remember Things as Well as You do

Most guys don’t remember details as well as women do. They’re more of a highlights person. They’re going to remember the highlights of any situation while you remember nearly every detail. This isn’t personal; it’s just how guys generally are. Realizing this can help you not to feel hurt when he doesn’t remember the top you wore on your first date.


To Love the Same Movies

While there’re probably a lot of movies you can enjoy together, that may not always be the case. You could have different taste in genres. My husband and I handle this by taking turns choosing a movie at the theater and each of us choosing one when we’re watching at home. Even if it’s not your turn to choose you can still enjoy being with your sweetie. And who knows? You may end up loving their choice of movie.


To Have the Same Opinions as You do

Sometimes when you’re so in love with someone you expect them to think exactly like you. And you may find that you have many similarities and share many of the same values. But you’re not going to be identical and that’s okay. You’re two unique individuals. Realizing your boyfriend’s opinion may sometimes differ from yours is important.


To Fix Everything All the Time

Sometimes you’re with such an amazing guy that you feel like he can fix anything. And there’s undoubtedly many things he can make right in your world. But he may not always know the perfect thing to say or do. If he makes an effort then try to be grateful even if it’s not exactly what you hoped for. And sometimes just telling him you need a hug or a listening ear can help him to give you what you need.


To Give up His Friends and Hobbies

When you’re so in love, you want to spend lots of time together. But there’re still going to be times your guy wants to see his friends or enjoy a hobby like watching a game with his buddies. When those times come, be understanding. Give him the freedom to enjoy being with his friends and doing his own thing sometimes. He’s guaranteed to come back to you ready to reconnect.

These’re some things not to expect your boyfriend to do. Which ones are difficult for you? You’re welcome to share your thoughts here!

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I definitely struggle with number five as I am an extremely opinionated person, lol

I loved the one about not caring about fashion makeup hair etc because my boyfriend is getting into the art and design industry-fashion and makeup is part of his job and its a part he enjoys XD how did I get so lucky?

Whats the point of having boy f than :p

@splashhhh exactly!

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