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7 Things Single Women Should Never Be Ashamed of ...

By Holly

You might wish you were in a long-term relationship with the love of your life instead of out on your own, but there are things single women should never be ashamed of. Being unattached isn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It can actually give you the chance to learn a lot of valuable information about the world and about yourself. Here are some things single women should never be ashamed of:

1 Her Standards

When a guy asks you out, don't be afraid of turning him down if he's not your taste. You should only go out with men that you deem worthy of your valuable time. One of the things single women should never be ashamed of is having high standards. Don't let anyone tell you that the reason you're still single is because you're not giving every loser who walks up to you a shot at your heart. You're in charge of whom you decide to date, and shouldn't feel pressured to go out with someone you know you don't like.

2 Her Age

Don't be ashamed of being alone when the rest of your friends are married. They might brag about their honeymoon or their honor student child, but they'll be days when they'll be jealous of your status. Don't pretend that being single is such a bad thing, because it's certainly isn't. There are plenty of perks.


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3 Her Happiness

Some people are fine with being single until they're forced to go to holiday parties where family members ask them why they haven't gotten married yet. If you're happy with your situation, don't let anyone convince you that your life would be better if you had a partner. You know what makes you happy more than they do.

4 Her Looks

Your appearance isn't the reason why you're single. There are so many different men in the world, and each of them is attracted to a different type of woman. Don't feel like you need to dye your hair or buy a new wardrobe in order to find a mate. You look good just the way you are.

5 Her Lifestyle

You can't compare yourself to your married friends or pals in long-term relationships. They might judge you for going out to party on weekends, but that's because they're living a totally different life. If they were in your shoes, they'd be going out on the town, too. Don't let their opinions get you down.

6 Her Feelings

If you enjoy being single and don't plan on getting married, don't feel bad about your decision. Or, if you're upset that you're still single, don't feel silly for crying. No matter how you feel, it's okay. You have the right to express your own emotions and thoughts, so don't be ashamed of them.

7 Her Independence

You should be proud of how independent you are. Don't feel ashamed of not having a mate that will help you out of trouble when you're in a jam. Be proud that you're able to take care of yourself. Not many people are capable of that.

Don't mope about being single, because you'll either find the right man for you one day soon, or you'll find happiness in your status. You don't need a mate to be happy, so just enjoy life as it is. Are you proud of being single, or are you searching for a relationship?

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