12 Things You Should Never ❌ Say πŸ’¬ to Your Partner πŸ’– ...


For some people, having a significant other is like playing video games. You rush in without reading any instructions. You learn by the old trial and error. When life gets rough, you get mad and throw a tantrum and this might include saying things that you might regret.

Not everybody is like this but you probably know someone who is. Here is a list of phrases that I’ve heard couples say either indirectly or directly to their partner. If you have heard someone use these phrases make them sit down and read this.

1. You Don’t Make Me Happy

This is true for other reasons like your happiness comes from your own thoughts; this is a horrible choice of words. This is blaming your partner just because you don’t remember where you put your glasses. Instead of using these exact words, tell them you are struggling to feel happy right now.

Get out!
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