7 Thoughts We All Have about Our Crushes ...

By Holly

7 Thoughts We All Have about Our Crushes ...

There are thoughts we all have about our crushes when we’re in the same room as them. Even if we're supposed to be focused on something else, it’s hard to concentrate when a gorgeous guy is nearby. I mean, what if he feels the same way? When a potential relationship is on the horizon, it's impossible to think about anything else. I'm sure we can all relate to these thoughts we all have about our crushes:

1 He Looks Amazing

Even if you like your crush for his personality, it’s natural to admire his outer beauty. His eyes are gorgeous, and his body is no different. One of the thoughts we all have about our crushes involve how great he looks. It’s hard not to stare when Mr. Right is standing right in your eyeline.

2 Is He Flirting?

You analyze everything that he does. If he has a playful conversation with you, you wonder if he likes you back or if he’s like that with every girl. Something as simple as a look or smile bothers you, because you don’t know what it means. You need to know how he feels, so you can’t stop playing Sherlock Holmes and deducing what his actions mean.

3 Does He like Her?

When he looks at another girl, you wonder if he likes her. If he actually starts talking and flirting with her, your mind goes crazy. Why is he looking at her like that? Does he have a crush on her? Did they date in the past? Every female becomes a potential threat, and you wish he’d just keep to himself.

4 He Wouldn’t Want Me

Some days you can’t stop thinking about your flaws. In your mind, there are so many reasons why he wouldn’t want you. Are you wasting your time? Should you move on? Your insecurities will haunt you when you’re around him, because you’re so worried about being rejected.

5 He’s so Confusing

Men send mixed signals all of the time. One day he’s your best buddy, and the next he’s ignoring you. As much as you like him, there will be times when you curse him out in your mind. Why can’t he just be blunt? All you want to know is how he feels, and it’s frustrating that he won’t make his intentions clear.

6 I Wonder if He’s a Good Kisser

If you’re lost in a daydream, it’ll probably involve kissing your crush. You wonder what it would feel like to hold his hand and press your lips together. Would he be soft and delicate or strong and muscular? Would he rest his hands on your hips or run them through your hair? If you're lucky, one day you'll find out.

7 What is He Thinking?

Anything could be going through his mind. He could be thinking about what he should eat for dinner or the score of the last football game. He could be thinking about his ex-girlfriend or his favorite show. Of course, he could also be thinking about you, couldn’t he? It’s times like these when you wish you were a mind reader.

We're all unique, but that doesn't mean that our thoughts are that different. We have more in common than you'd think. What goes through your mind when your crush is nearby?

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