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7 Tips for when You Have a Crush on Your Friend's Boyfriend ...

By Alison

Having a crush on your friend's boyfriend is a very awkward experience. Many of us have gone through fancying someone who's already in a relationship, and it's even more uncomfortable when he's dating your friend. You try to hide how you feel, but worry that you might give yourself away. Here's what to do when you have a crush on your friend's boyfriend …

1 Never Act on It

When you have a crush on your friend's boyfriend, you should never act on it. The repercussions could be considerable. It's just plain wrong to go after someone who's already taken, and if you show an interest in your friend's guy she won't be your friend for long. It's far better to show some integrity and keep a lid on your feelings. They probably won't last anyway.

2 Keep Quiet

Don't even think about letting your friend or her boyfriend know what you're thinking. They didn't ask you to feel this way, so don't make things awkward for them. Keep your feelings to yourself. Let it pass, which it is bound to do. However much you're longing to tell him, you must keep quiet.

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3 Is It Genuine?

Sometimes people seem attractive because someone else wants them. That might seem odd, but it's how commercial enterprises work - they foster the belief that other people want the item because it is so great. Ask yourself if you really are interested in this guy. You may well realise that he just seems attractive to you because you have no-one else in your life, or your own current relationship isn't going well.

4 Stay Single

When you're in the grip of a crush on a guy you can't have, it's best to stay single. Don't date someone else in an attempt to erase your crush. It's not fair on him to be used as a substitute for the guy you really fancy. Wait until your crush has died a natural death, then look for a guy who's free to go out with you.

5 Don't Respond

If you get a hint that your friend's boyfriend returns your interest, you may rationalise that it's okay to respond. After all, he's giving you the signals, isn't he? Wrong. He's still not free. Even if he split up with your friend, it would still create problems if you dated him next. So if he shows an interest in you, don't encourage him

6 Don't Give Yourself Away

Be careful how you behave around him, so that other people don't pick up on your crush. Mutual friends may consider it their duty to tell his girlfriend that you fancy her guy, and then you'll have to answer to her.. Do you really want to deal with an angry friend?

7 Not a Good Guy

Ask yourself honestly: would you really want a guy who would cheat on his girlfriend or dump her for you? And would you feel good about yourself if you 'stole' someone else's guy? Good guys don't cheat, and relationships built on deceit rarely flourish. Besides, as is often said - if he could cheat on her or dump her for you, he could do the same to you.

However much you long to tell him how you feel, you shouldn't. Either he'll show an interest in return - which he shouldn't do - or he'll be embarrassed. If your friend finds out, it'll damage your friendship. There are plenty of single guys that you can date, so find one of them instead. Have you ever fancied a friend's guy, and how did you deal with the situation?

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