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7 Tips for Handling Your Partner's Friends Hitting on You ...

By Heather

When you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you are probably constantly hanging out with their friends, which means that your partner's friends hitting on you could happen, right? That doesn't mean that you should act on it, but how do you deal with your partner's friends hitting on you without being rude and ruining your relationship with them? Well, take a look below! I've got all of the top tips below that will help you deal with your boyfriend or girlfriends friends!

1 They Could Be Testing You

Truth be told, when your partner's friends hitting on you starts, they could be just testing you. They want to make sure that you are a good person and that truthfully, you aren't going to start cheating on their friend. Before getting mad, why not just ask if this is a test and really just tell them that you aren't interested – that you are truly into your boyfriend or girlfriend!

2 Avoid Judgment Right Away

One of the biggest things that you've got to take into consideration when your partner's friends start to hit on you is judgment. You don't want to judge them right away, remember, it could be a test. If it isn't a test, well – then you might need to confront them, which is explained in the next point!

3 Confront Your Partner's Friends

Confronting your boyfriend or girlfriend's friends is something that you might have to do if you are feeling super uncomfortable with them and they are constantly hitting on you. Remember, you've got to be comfortable enough with them to confront them. Just tell them to knock it off and that you are committed – to their BFF!

4 Make Sure You Are Not Flirting Too

Sometimes, when you are getting flirted with, you could accidentally flirt back. Don't let that happen. Keep control of your body and your moods and make sure that nothing that you say could come off as flirty or sexy. You aren't the one that started flirting in the first place, right?

5 Try to Avoid Those Friends

While this point might be a little difficult to do, especially if the friend that is hitting on you is your partner's BFF, try to do it as much as possible. Don't give out your phone number (or if they have it, don't answer any phone calls or texts) that you don't think are related to your partner.

6 Do Not Show Interest

Showing interest is a lot different than showing compassion and caring about your partner's friends. Don't act like you are interested at all in his or her friends for anything other than friendship. Also, don't hang out with those friends alone, always make sure that your partner is with you.

7 Tell Your Partner

Finally, if the flirting becomes too much, you might just have to have a conversation with your partner. You might have to tell them that you are super uncomfortable and that you don't like feeling that way. Your partner should understand, but make sure that you have specific examples ready.

So, while flirting can be harmless sometimes, you've got to really keep control over your partner's friends. If they are making you uncomfortable, don't be scared to tell your partner about them! So girls and guys, have you ever been in this situation?

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