7 Tips for Talking to Your Non-Confrontational Partner ...


If your significant other doesn’t like confrontation, then they are probably non-aggressive in nature and most likely, a quiet person. There are in fact a lot of introverts who are also non-confrontational. This kind of people would rather turn their back on a problem than tackle it head on. If your partner is on of them, then don’t worry because there are a lot of things you can do to help them conform their problems. Here are 7 helpful tips for talking to your non-confrontational partner that you should consider:

1. One Thing at a Time

If your significant other has a non-confrontational personality, the best way to help them confront their problems is to advise them to deal with one thing at a time. Try not to inundate them with more than one negative issue or problem at a time and have patience.

Prepare Talking Points


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