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If your significant other doesn’t like confrontation, then they are probably non-aggressive in nature and most likely, a quiet person. There are in fact a lot of introverts who are also non-confrontational. This kind of people would rather turn their back on a problem than tackle it head on. If your partner is on of them, then don’t worry because there are a lot of things you can do to help them conform their problems. Here are 7 helpful tips for talking to your non-confrontational partner that you should consider:

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One Thing at a Time

If your significant other has a non-confrontational personality, the best way to help them confront their problems is to advise them to deal with one thing at a time. Try not to inundate them with more than one negative issue or problem at a time and have patience.


Prepare Talking Points

When you are talking to your non-confrontational partner, make sure that you know what you are going to say. You could prepare some talking points so you will know what subjects you want to deal with and how to steer the conversation back to the topic at hand.


Let Them Decide

Be patient and let your partner decide when they would like to talk to you. You don’t control their schedule, so by allowing them to decide when they want to talk to you, you will give them some control over that conversation. If they procrastinate, you could offer them several options and you could pick a date or time together.


Pick a Friendly Place

If you want to talk to your significant other about a certain problem but they have a non-confrontational personality, then the best way to help them them deal with that problem is by picking a friendly place where you two can chat and talk about what is bothering you.


Do Not Place Any Blame

Try not to play the blame game when you are dealing with someone who has a non-confrontational personality because you could offend them and you could turn your conversation into an argument. Try to walk on eggshells and do your best to help them talk about what is bothering them without placing the blame for your problems on them.


Instead, focus on expressing your own feelings using "I" statements, such as "I feel upset when..." rather than "you make me feel...". This approach encourages a shared conversation and reduces the risk of making your partner feel accused or defensive. By being mindful of your language, you create a safer space for both of you to communicate openly and honestly, fostering mutual understanding and respect. Remember, it's about finding solutions and understanding each other, not assigning fault.

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Listen Carefully

When you are talking to your significant other who has a non-confrontational personality, try to talk less and listen more. Be attentive and listen carefully to what they have to say. Ask questions so you could find out more about their opinion and be patient.


Take the Fight out of It

If you want to talk to someone who doesn’t like confrontations, try not to turn your conversation into an argument. Just take the fight out of it.Treat that confrontation as a friendly and productive conversation and avoid raising your voice. Stay calm, have patience and listen carefully to what your significant other has to say and then share with them your point of view on things.

When you are dealing with a non-confrontational person, try to be gentle so you can avoid a potential conflict. Do you know any other helpful tips for talking to a non-confrontational partner? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Simply great :)

Conform their problems? You mean confront.

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