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7 Ways to Deal with an Unwanted Crush ...

By Merarri

Dealing with an unwanted crush is a dilemma that just about everyone has to figure out in their lifetime. In this common scenario, someone is crushing on you but you don’t share his feelings. If you are facing this problem in your life, I’m going to share some good ways of dealing with an unwanted crush.

1 Acknowledge His Feelings

One of the first things to do when dealing with an unwanted crush is to acknowledge the other person’s feelings. If he tells you he likes you, have a bit of compassion for the guy and be polite. Tell him that you are flattered that he thinks so fondly of you and give him a general compliment such as you think he’s a great guy. The compliment will lessen the blow of rejection that you are about to deliver.

2 Share Your Feelings

Make your feelings about the whole situation known to him. Let him know that you don’t share the same romantic feelings that he has for you. If he’s a casual acquaintance that you don’t see much, you could tell him you have a boyfriend or aren't interested in dating anyone. If it’s a co-worker, tell him that you don’t want to jeopardize your job in any way and that you aren't comfortable dating someone you work with.


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3 Unwanted Crush is a Good Friend

When a good friend starts crushing on you, you might feel very awkward whenever you are in his presence. Even if you don’t want to hurt your friend, its important that he understands that you value your friendship but aren't interested in anything more. It’s going to hurt him when you reject him, but its better than leading him on. Once he knows the truth about your feelings toward him, he can move on.

4 Control Your Flirtatious Side

Be careful how you act around the other person. If you are naturally flirtatious, try not to flirt with him because it will send him mixed signals which is the last thing you want to do. You might view it as harmless flirting but he might think that you are beginning to like him. If there’s no way you would ever date this guy, then don’t give him any hope that he might have a chance with you in the future.

5 Avoid Him

One of the things I always hated after telling someone I wasn't interested is the awkwardness between us. If its possible, avoid the other person for a few weeks so the tension fades a bit between you. He might think it's strange that you are avoiding him but it’s better than having awkward conversations with him. Try to avoid any places that he goes to so that you don’t accidentally run into him.

6 Stay Friendly

On the other hand, if you want to remain friends, don’t avoid him. Continue to treat him as a friend. It’s going to take some time for your friendship to go back to normal but eventually his crush on you will subside. Most crushes do subside in intensity with time, especially when the other person doesn't show any signs of interest.

7 Blind Dates

If you want to go a step further, play matchmaker. Think of someone like a single friend or an acquaintance that you feel would make a great match for the other person. Tell your unwanted crush that you want to fix him up on a blind date. Setting him up on a date will reinforce the fact that you really have no interest in dating him so he shouldn't waste his time crushing on you.

Now you know a few helpful tips that can help you navigate your way out of this tricky dilemma. So ladies have you ever had to deal with an unwanted crush? Feel free to share your stories.

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