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7 Tips on Kissing with Braces ...

By Lyndsie

Teens aren't the only ones who need tips on kissing with braces. Plenty of adults wear braces as well, and learning how to kiss when you have them can be difficult at best. When I was younger, I was wild about boys with braces (my biggest crush was named Brandon J. and, alas, I never told him how cute I thought his braces were when I had the chance), and as I recall, every boy I ever kissed who had them was inordinately nervous about it. To say any of you from similar fates, check out these great tips on kissing with braces – and don't worry. I promise you that, male or female, you look absolutely beautiful!

1 Go Slow

Going slow is probably the most important tip on kissing with braces. If you don't rush into the kiss, you'll do find. Going slow will give you and your partner the opportunity to get a feel for one another, to find out what's where, and how far you can go, i.e. in terms of applying pressure.

2 Don't Push

I don't mean, don't push someone into a kiss – although you should certainly avoid that, too! What I mean is, when you're ready to kiss, don't push your lips against your partner's. That will cause your lips to get shoved up against your braces, which can hurt.


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3 Watch That Tongue

As #2 implies, to begin with, it's best to stay away from French kissing, until you learn what hurts and what doesn't. Just as going slow is an important tip on kissing with braces, knowing your limits is essential, as well. It's not unheard of that your partner's tongue could get cut or snagged by your braces, so let him or her know to be careful, too.

4 Beware of the Bumps

You also have to be careful about bumping your teeth together. Making sure that you move your head slowly can help with that. It's especially necessary if the person you're kissing also has braces. You just need to be cautious at first, because soon you'll learn which angles work and which don't.

5 Try Wax

Dental wax helps with pain when you have braces, but it can help with kissing, as well. If you put some wax on the braces covering your front teeth, you won't have to worry about your partner getting his or her tongue snagged or lips cut. In fact, your partner might not even feel your braces!

6 Be Gentle

Naturally, being gentle is another vital tip on kissing with braces – and it applies to both of you. If you're gentle and tender at first, your braces aren't going to be a problem. Plus, this type of kissing is very exciting!

7 Relax

Finally, remember this: just relax! If you're constantly worrying about what's going to get snagged or what's going clash, kissing isn't going to be a pleasurable experience. As long as you exercise a little bit of caution, there's really nothing to worry about – so enjoy all those smooches!

There are lots of tips on kissing with braces that will ease any anxiety you may be feeling. You don't have to worry about snagging your partner's lip, or turning your snogging session into a bloodbath. As long as you're careful, it's all good! If you wear braces, do you have any other kissing tips? Let me know!

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