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Do you feel like your sex life is dragging? Maybe it’s okay but nothing spectacular is happening in the sack? If this’s the situation you’re in, don’t despair. These’re 7 tips to make your sex life hotter than ever.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

This may sound counterproductive to you. You may be wondering how are you going to have more sex or better sex if you turn in early. Let’s look at the flip side. If you’re exhausted then you’re not going to be interested in sex. Being well rested will give you the energy for sex whenever you can make it happen.

Do Things That Make You Feel Attractive


@Sharmeen Khan this might be a dumb question, but have you tried exercise? And not just waking but getting your heart rate up at least 5 min/day. I felt your symptoms until I made working out a regular part of my life. Start small; stay consistent
Jayant bhalerao
@Coco Walker, I dont I have a female partner
Jayant bhalerao
Sharmeen Khan
Thanks for responding Cindee ! Yes I got my thyroid checked about a month back , it was normal. But I was diagnosed pre diabetic. I'm losing my hair, have put on weight, feel lethargic most of the tim...
Cindee Schneider
Sharmeen Khan I really don't think it could be menopause at your age. Are you going through depression, have you had your thyroid checked? That's what happened to me.
Sharmeen Khan
Hello! I'm 34 years . I'm feeling low libido since a few months. Is this the onset of menopause?
@brittany if you haven't been on it for long, wait it out. Usually side effects like that go Away after 2-6 months. If you've been on it longer than that, unfortunately there's nothing a doctor can do...
Coco Walker
Good post. Thanks
I'm gay and its works with my relationship !! Amazing and so true !! Appreciated
Brittany Baker
I'm on an antidepressant and it pretty much destroyed my libido. I feel bad for my husband because I used to be very sexual more times than not, and now it's a battle for me. I'll be talking to my doctor about it! Thank you for the tips!!
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