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7 Tips to Give You a Much Hotter Sex Life ...

By Alicia

Do you feel like your sex life is dragging? Maybe it’s okay but nothing spectacular is happening in the sack? If this’s the situation you’re in, don’t despair. These’re 7 tips to make your sex life hotter than ever.

1 Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep This may sound counterproductive to you. You may be wondering how are you going to have more sex or better sex if you turn in early. Let’s look at the flip side. If you’re exhausted then you’re not going to be interested in sex. Being well rested will give you the energy for sex whenever you can make it happen.

2 Do Things That Make You Feel Attractive

Do Things That Make You Feel Attractive If you don’t feel good about yourself then your interest in sex is likely to be low. Feeling good about yourself makes you feel more sexual. What makes you feel attractive is going to vary from woman to woman. For some, it may be wearing a favorite perfume or putting on some makeup. Other women may feel more attractive after they workout because they know they’ve done something good for their body.


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3 Get Rid of Ratty Pajamas

Get Rid of Ratty Pajamas The ratty pajamas need to go. They aren’t going to make you feel sexy. It’s okay to have some cozy clothes for lounging around the house but get rid of those that’re no longer in good condition. It’s also a good idea to wear some things that make you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you’ll be in the mood for sex.

4 Be Open to Spontaneous Sex

Be Open to Spontaneous Sex Sometimes you want sex at a different time of day than your partner does. You may prefer it at night whereas he prefers it in the morning. This can be part of what’s making your sex life not so hot anymore. But give spontaneous sex a chance. Try it at a different time of day. You may not love it as much as your preferred time for sex but it could still be fun.

5 Plan Special Times Together

Plan Special Times Together A healthy sex life is a combination of both spontaneous sex and planned sex. Couples are most content when there’s a mixture of both. Plan some special times together where you take your time and make it amazing for your partner. You’ll likely find that they’re more than happy to return the favor when you do. Don’t let romance die either; set the mood with candles, music or whatever you love.

6 Let Bygones Be Bygones

Let Bygones Be Bygones Sometimes your sex life is suffering because of how you’re feeling emotionally. You might be upset over an argument you had or dwelling on an issue in your relationship in the past. If your relationship is stable and healthy then let bygones be bygones. You could also be upset over something external to your relationship such as a fight with your sister. Processing and dealing with your emotions can help you to have a better sex life.

7 Make Sure Nothing is up Physically

Make Sure Nothing is up Physically If you’re still struggling in your sex life after trying the other tips listed here then it may be time to pay your doctor a visit. There could be something physical causing your low libido such as your hormone levels being off or a side effect of a medication. Many times something as simple as changing your medication can help restore your sex life to it’s former, hotter state. Likewise, if your guy is the one suffering from low libido then he should see his doctor. It could be exactly what’s needed to make your sex life steamy again.

These’re 7 things you can do to make your sex life hotter. What do you do when you need to spice things up? What tips would you offer others?

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