15 Tips to Remember when You See Your Ex in Public ...


I’m sure like me, you probably don't find yourself exactly thrilled when you see your ex in public, unless you have already overcome the breakup, or are hoping for a reunion between the two of you. I’m especially not fond of seeing an ex out in public with a new girlfriend if I’ve just broken up with them on bad terms, but even if I’ve overcome the breakup, some emotions can still be hard to avoid. What I’ve learned over the last years of being single and having time to adjust to seeing my exes out in public, is that it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. If you handle it the right way, it can even make you stronger. There are good and bad ways to deal with seeing your ex in public and I’m here to tell you that most of the time, it can be easy to lean towards the bad ways unless we’re careful. Avoid making a scene or causing yourself more heartache by remembering these tips to keep in mind next time you see your ex in public. These are also great ideas for seeing friends out in public where the friendship may have ended poorly too, which never hurts to be aware of.

1. Remain Calm

One of the best tips for when you see your ex in public is to remain calm. Don’t lash out if they recently just hurt you, don’t make obscene or rude loud gestures, and for goodness sake, don’t cause a dramatic scene if you've been in daily puddles of tears missing them. Remember, you want to appear strong, independent, and not so mad that you don’t know how to act in public. Remaining a lady in these situations can be tough, but your reputation will give you a big thank you for it later, as will your friends who are with you!

Be Polite


@Benita totally agree! Especially when ur with ur new partner! U don't hv to act like ur 10x happier than b4! Just act normally like u always do.
Maria Salomé Cifuentes
Wish i've read this two days ago!!
U girls out there! Apart from acting like miss.dont care at all... U actually don't have to care! Trust me, real success won't come when u act happily in front of him and u see him look jealous, but i...
Mallika Bhatia
I totally do that ! And it's so true ! It actually makes them want you back in their life
Ggandtt Jones
I think it tasteless to come to your ex's family functions. You look sad and desperate when the ex and there new love come. When the relationship ends the family ties should end as well...js
Rika Sonosutirto
The best thing must i try now !
best advice ever! 😄
Abs Duke
I would do the ignoring thing as having a conversation would be uncomfortable for both of u & for the person u r with especially if u r with a new partner
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