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If you’re recently had a bad breakup, I want to first offer my sincerest empathy, and also give you some ways to regain your confidence in the midst of healing. After suffering two major breakups myself, I know how hard it can be and how much it can change you and your life. I’ve learned so much through this type of struggle, and I promise you, you can not only become braver and stronger afterwards, but also learn to love things about yourself you never knew before. Try implementing these incredible ways to regain your confidence after a breakup. They aren’t always easy to incorporate into your life at first, but they are worth it and can make all the difference.

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Don’t Take All the Blame

First and foremost, one best ways to regain your confidence after a breakup is to stop blaming yourself! Even if you messed up and caused the breakup, two people were still involved. If the breakup truly is permanent, blaming yourself won’t help as much as focusing on what you can learn from the breakup in the meantime. Plus, if the breakup wasn’t your fault, blaming yourself can lead to such an inner emotional mess that takes years to repair. Know that you’re enough just as you are and someone out there who is right for you is waiting to discover you! Confidence starts with your attitude, not what others think of you.


Don’t Compare

If your new ex left you for someone, stop comparing yourself to his new-found girlfriend. You can’t change what has happened, and just because he left you for someone doesn’t mean she’s any better than you. Yes, she’s different, but it doesn’t mean she’s better. Don’t compare yourself to her, even if she does look like a real life Barbie! Looks aren't everything and he's sure to find that out sooner or later. Besides, just because she looks a certain way doesn't mean you aren't beautiful and should look the way she does anyway.


Look Ahead

To gain confidence, take down the rearview mirror and look out your windshield. Look ahead, not backwards, because you can’t go there anyway. Your destiny and your dream man are waiting on you to let go of your past.


Find a New Goal

Think about some things you’d like to do. Take a trip, learn yoga, become an instructor of some type, join a club, start a blog, write a book, take a class of some sort, learn to cook, etc. Any kind of new goal is a great way to improve your confidence. No matter how small it is, this is one of the best tricks I know! It keeps you busy and gives you a sense of accomplishment.


Don’t Change Your Hair

Please, please, please don’t go dye or cut your hair right after a breakup. So many girls do this, myself included, and it almost always ends badly. Changing your hair is for some reason the ultimate way women try to boost their confidence after a breakup, but also one of the worst ways to do so.


Go Shopping

Instead of changing your appearance, just go shopping! If you’re broke, go try on some new clothes anyway, or visit a thrift store to find some designer clothing there, which is surprisingly like new! If you’re not into shopping, try redecorating your house and finding some new things to go in your home. You’ll enjoy a new outfit or atmosphere, whichever one you choose. Plus, clothes and decorations are permanent, increase your confidence and they are totally interchangeable.


Eat Well

Don’t drown your sorrows in ice cream and cookies and expect to boost your confidence. One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to eat well and take care of yourself nutritionally. You’ll feel better mentally and your body will look great the right way! Don’t diet- eat well.



Exercising is another fantastic, healthy way to boost your confidence after a breakup. Not only does it give you an endorphin boost, but it also strengthens your mind and body to help you see just how amazing you are. Often times while you’re exercising, you realize you’re stronger than you know and realize just how awesome you and your body truly are.


Start Dating

After some time, start dating again. While you may go through a few duds first, it is a great way to boost your confidence, get yourself out there and show the world how fabulous you are. Just be sure you aren’t rushing into anything or trying to rebound. That only ends badly, trust me!

If you’ve just been through a breakup, what’s something you’re doing to try to increase your confidence? Or, if you have a tip from a past breakup, feel free to share it. We’re all in this together, ladies!

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I like to get together with my friends and talk about sometimes you'll find a little humor in it

Beautiful!! Thanks for this! ❤️

I cut my hair shorter and i love ittt.I feel like a better person because of it which really helped me deal with my breakup

Listening to empowering or happy breakup songs tends to work well for me!

I also disagree with changing hair... Sometimes you need to feel in control of something and need change to move on and re-doing your hair gives you a new feel and maybe go out and pamper yourself. Get a pedicure and manicure. Just feeling good on the outside can help you mend on the inside. Ladies Be strong! There is no man out there that will ever define a woman!

Me & my ex has been breakup after 10 years an he kept sending me sarcastic message

My boyfriend recently broke up with me...def needed this so thanks!

Wow...thnk u!!

Thanks, def needed this after a break up that happened awhile ago....it helps to hear that I am enough for the right man.

We broke up almost a year ago.. It took a lot of counseling to get out of it.. But the most important thing is not to alienate yourself.. I did that.. It really sucks.. I think a good thing to do is be around some really close friends and have a lot of fun..

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