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9 Topics of Conversation You Should Avoid during Your First Date ...

By Konstantina

The first date, especially when it is with someone you like, is a situation that can get quite stressful. There might be some awkward silence sometimes when you have both run out of things to say. But, no matter how quiet it might get, there are some topics that you best avoid and if your date is the one who starts them, better cut them off, nicely but firmly. Here are the most common topics that you should avoid during your first date.

1 Relationship History

photograph, pink, hand, photography, finger,The ex conversation is never a good conversation, not only during the first date but during your entire relationship. Maybe at some point if this turns into a long term commitment there might be some small conversation about exes, but during the first date this is a big, resounding NO. You are supposed to be out on a date with a new person, not to dwell on the past.

2 Politics

town, neighbourhood, mixed use, building, city,Political views are a personal matter of people. And sometimes, people can get very passionate about it. Different political views might turn into a full blown argument so it’s better to avoid it.

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3 Religion

red, macro photography, close up, photography, still life photography,Just as politics, religion is a very private matter and things can get really heated. There is no reason to start discussing this subject on the first date. Religious views differ not only from religion to religion but also from how anyone personally sees their religion. A topic best avoided on the first date.

4 Finance

saving, piggy bank, product, snout,How much money you are making or how much your date is making is not an ideal subject. Besides, why would anyone care about how much money their date is making? Not to mention that there is this awful possibility that it will turn into a competition. Of course you can talk about your job, especially if you enjoy it, but your income shouldn’t be mentioned.

5 Your Future as a Couple

sea, vacation, beach, fun, shore,Don’t pull up the wedding planner’s number on your cell phone just yet. Unless you really want to freak out your date and make them run away screaming. Avoid the “we will...” phrase. You never know how this date will end up. Your hopes might be that there will be a “we” in the future but you don’t have to mention that during your first date.

6 Family Drama

sea, horizon, sky, sunset, sunrise,Your family relationships and troubles are private and certainly not something you share. This is a conversation for way later in the relationship. Avoid talking about any family related drama. Plus, considering that it is your family you are talking about, there is absolutely no reason to share details with a stranger.

7 Sexual Preferences

sleep, bed, nap, furniture, mattress,Everyone has turn on and turn offs in sex. But, if you are not planning to have sex on the first date, which in these case, talking about the basics is not a bad idea, better avoid the subject. This conversation is better when it is done in a later time in the relationship, surely after you are way more comfortable around each other and also in private. Certainly not in a crowded bar or a restaurant

8 Me, Myself and I

recreation,This is not a discussion that it should be avoided exactly, since the point of a date is to get to know each other, but make sure to keep it light, simple and quick. Give your date equal time to speak about themselves and don’t launch into an hour long story of your life with every single detail. There will be time to discuss things in more detail later.

9 Endless Gossip

photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, photography,In case you have common friends, talking about them might be inevitable. But, do not gossip and spill every single detail you know about them to your date. In general people don’t like gossipers. Keep the conversation about your friends casual, like something you all did together and it was fun, that time you went on vacation etc. Who is dating who and who has problems in their relationship is not an appropriate subject to discuss.

An easygoing conversation about maybe your daily life, some funny story or some small details about yourself and character is far more suited for a first date. Avoid the topics above at all times, make sure not to treat your date as a therapist and your first date will be great. Also, remember to leave time to your date to talk too. Keep a balance between your exchange.

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