9 Topics of Conversation 💬 You Should Avoid 🙊 during Your First Date 👫 ...

The first date, especially when it is with someone you like, is a situation that can get quite stressful. There might be some awkward silence sometimes when you have both run out of things to say. But, no matter how quiet it might get, there are some topics that you best avoid and if your date is the one who starts them, better cut them off, nicely but firmly. Here are the most common topics that you should avoid during your first date.

1. Relationship History

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The ex conversation is never a good conversation, not only during the first date but during your entire relationship. Maybe at some point if this turns into a long term commitment there might be some small conversation about exes, but during the first date this is a big, resounding NO. You are supposed to be out on a date with a new person, not to dwell on the past.

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