7 Understandable ✌️ Reasons Why 🤔 Single Women 👩 Are Not so Fond 😩 of Weddings 💍 ...


Any woman who has experienced it can understand why single women feel uncomfortable at weddings. Who doesn’t like it when their friends or relatives get the wedding of their dreams and get to spend the rest of their lives with someone they love? Yes, everyone is glad for the happy couple. They got what they wanted and the mood around is great. But when you are single and you are invited to a wedding there are some situations you can’t avoid and unfortunately they might annoy you. And this has nothing to do with any longing feelings you might have for your own future wedding. Here's why single women feel uncomfortable at weddings and why you shouldn't stress about it. You're not alone with these feelings!

1. Everyone Will Wish to You to Get Married Soon

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When you hear this particular wish from relatives and friends once and a while it might not bother you much. But at a wedding, it will come from a lot of people in a small period of time and it might eventually annoy you. Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean that the only future plan you have is marriage.

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