7 Unusual Dating Sites You Won't Believe Exist ...


Have you ever signed up to a dating site and complained that you just can't meet someone you like? Perhaps you have very specific ideas about what your perfect match should be like. The problem could be that you're not looking in the right place. However specific your search parameters are, there's probably a site to suit. Here are some very unusual dating sites that you won't believe exist …

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Do you have a fondness for a man who knows how to handle a rudder? Then join this website dedicated to finding love for lonely sea captains. You'll also need an appreciation for boating-related puns. And if you want to be the captain in the relationship there's a handy link so you can order a captain's hat.



Do you love a man with facial fuzz? Then here's the site for you, where you can find plenty of hirsute men to choose from. You can even search for your favorite type of tache. Sadly, a 'Bearded Lady' section does not appear to be included, but lovers of the Fu Manchu or Handlebar moustaches are amply catered for.



If you're vegetarian, you may prefer to date someone who shares your dietary preferences. It's more convenient for cooking at home. For people with food allergies, it's not a preference - they have to be very careful about avoiding cross-contamination. So maybe it's just easier to date someone who has the same food allergies as you do …



Ah, the tears of a clown … who can't find a date. But no clown need ever be lonely again, since this website was set up. Whether you're a clown yourself or have a strange fondness for them, join this site and make that painted smile for real. Coulrophobics and anyone who's seen Stephen King's 'It' should probably give the site a very wide berth.



If you've been infected with the zombie virus, then your chances of finding love are pretty well ruined. Even zombies need love, so … oh wait. This isn't a dating site for the shambling undead, it's for pathologists, funeral directors, and anyone who finds that working in death-related professions doesn't really enhance their dating profile.



Just as zombies need love, so do sci-fi fans (actually, it's probably harder for sci-fi fans). But if you want to find someone who shares your love of dressing up as Captain Kirk and going to conventions, then join Trek Passions. But it's not limited to Trekkers; fans of any aspect of SF can join up and find their perfect match.



In fact, Trek Passions is part of a network of niche dating sites. Whether you're into taxidermy or tennis (or both), there's a site for you (check out passionsnetwork.com for the full list). Though of the hundreds of sites on the network, I find it hard to believe that anyone would have a fondness for the mullet …

So however niche your tastes in partners may be, you can count on finding a dating site that caters for you. Whether you want a partner who's into the paranormal, or love among the Latter-Day Saints, there's a site out there where you can meet like-minded people. What's the weirdest website you've ever encountered?

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