7 Unusual Dinners for Date Night ...


7 Unusual Dinners for Date Night ...
7 Unusual Dinners for Date Night ...

Going out on a date with your partner need not be the usual dinner and a movie. No it could be a tad more interesting and consequently add a spark to your relationship. There are literally thousands of options to choose from. All you need is a little thought and planning for it to be a wonderful success. Here are 7 unusual dinners for date night.

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Takeout and a Drive in Movie

Drive in movies used to be the only option in the 60’s and 70’s but today it’s so unusual that it is actually more romantic than ever. Find a local drive in theatre, pick up some of your favorite takeout and cuddle together in your car. You might want to take the date a notch further by hiring a Cadillac convertible just for the evening.


Picnic Basket at the Zoo

If you are animal lovers then consider a midnight picnic at the zoo. A number of venues offer midnight visit packages and if the zoo in your area permits it, then this could be a truly memorable evening. Put together some delicious snacks along with some warm blankets, and enjoy your evening under the stars in the company of some wild animals.


Couple’s Massage at Home

You don’t need to go to a spa or weekend holiday to get a rejuvenating massage. Massage therapists are available for home consultation. So make a booking and let them do their magic. A complete package could include setting up the ambience with scented candles and massage beds.


Cooking Class Date

For something more activity based and oodles of fun, consider attending an evening cooking class. A number of restaurants offer couples cooking classes followed by dinner. It’s extremely entertaining and a learning experience if the two of you like doing new things together.


A Night at the Planetarium

Ever since Ross and Rachel had their date in the planetarium, this venue has gone from science geek center to romantic haven. Go out for a quiet dinner and then catch the last show at the planetarium. Reclining under the stars will be one of the more romantic things you will do with your lover.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you can spare the cash, then going for a hot air balloon ride could be just the experience you’ve been looking for. Packages include taking you up for a ride across the sky and then providing you with a meal on board. A memorable date if ever there was one.


Dance Class and Dinner

Similar to the cooking class date, here is another option for the two of you to spend your evening learning something new together. A number of salsa clubs offer dance classes for the guests followed by a dinner and drinks. It could end up being an invigorating and exciting evening.

Date night is an occasion for you to get some time with your partner. So rather than go for the usual dates, try one of the options above. You will surely not be disappointed.

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