8 Loving Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her ...

Mother's Day has just gone by but we don't need a special day to show our moms how much we love them because they deserve to know it everyday! Here are a few ways to do just that. Thanks Meenakshi!

We fight with them, disagree with them, but we love them with all our hearts. They are with you for every phase of your life and they deserve so much more credit than they get! Being a mother is a 24/7 job with no offs. I can never do enough to show my mom how grateful I am but I still try because I know there is nothing better than a smile on my mom's face. So let's cut to the chase: here are some ways to show your mom that she is just amazing!

1. Cook a Brunch

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I always get butterflies in my stomach when I make food for my mom because to me, she is the best chef ever. If you want to get a little fancy, go for it! Decorate the table with a vase of flowers and a nice table cloth. Just watch the glow on your momma dearest's face. You don't always have to buy something to show you love her. A meaningful gesture such as this is way better!

2. Scrapbook

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I love scrapbooking! It is one of my most favorite things. And giving a scrapbook filled with moments of happiness is my favorite thing to do in the process. Fill up a scrapbook full of good memories and touching times. Some ideas for the scrapbook could be a timeline or maybe just a collage of photos, letters, anything from the old times. Decorate it with some nice scrapbooking papers and stickers. You can get scrapbook materials from any arts and crafts store. I go to AC Moore.

3. Poem/Song

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I admit, singing is not my forte, but my sister is amazing at it. She always gets her guitar and just lets out melodies for my mom to hear and my mom loves it! Sing or write a poem dedicated to your mom. Like I said, you don't have to buy anything to show your mother some love. Music and literature comes from the heart. You mother will know that the love you're pouring out to her is truly genuine.

4. Movie

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Let's enter the 21st century. Make a movie or a powerpoint filled with pictures and little things you remember. The bonus about this is that it is somewhat easier to hold on to compared to a scrapbook. Don't be surprised if she starts crying out of happiness.

5. Outdoors

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This one is a little informal and casual compared to the other ones but no less loving and appreciative. Go on a walk together alone. Talk about the future, the past, memories you have of your times together. Have a heart to heart talk. This one, I believe, is the most intimate of all the options here. It is just you two doing something together with no pressure. And plus, you get to burn some calories by pumping some air!

6. Story

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Okay, maybe rhyming and rhythm isn't your thing. That's okay! Try writing a story instead. Narrate a time where you and your mom shared a special moment. Talk about why your mom is the most amazing person ever or why you appreciate her. Hearing that you mean something to your daughter/son means so much to a mom because that's what a mom lives for. It feels good to be appreciated for all the things they do!

7. Frozen Yogurt

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Who doesn't like frozen yogurt?! My mom is the biggest fan ever and that's why whenever we hang out we usually go to the closest fro-yo place. I can assure that your mother wouldn't pick anyone else to share a brain-freeze with. But it doesn't have to be frozen yogurt. It could be a smoothie, ice cream, whatever you and your mom prefer. This idea basically just allows you to get out of the house and have some mother-daughter bonding time.

8. Shopping

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Shopping is every girl's favorite word! I'm sure moms falls in that category too! Try on clothes together, give each other opinions on what to wear and what not to wear. And if you don't want to spend money then you can just indulge in some window shopping. Try things out for the heck of it. It's fun and you get to keep your money!

A mom is a best friend that is given to you by god. They may be critical here and there, but they are doing it because they want you to put your best foot forward. There is no other better feeling than knowing that you made your mom's day great. Do something nice for your mother this week. Let her know that you love her more than anything in the world. Return the love that they give you.

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