17 Very Good Reasons He Might Ignore You ...


It might not be nice, but there are some reasons he ignores you. If you're finding that your boyfriend is ignoring you, what do you think are some of the reasons? Do you think that he feels pressured? That maybe he is done with your nagging? To make it easier to see some of the reasons he ignores you, I've compiled a list of the top 17 reasons he not be paying as much attention to you!

1. You're Always around

A guy likes to be able to miss the girl he's with, and he might be ignoring you if you're constantly around for him NOT to miss. Truthfully, you want to make sure that you leave a little mystery to your relationship. If this is one of the reasons he ignores you that you've noticed, make sure that you let him plan a night out with the boys while you go out with the girls.



I dont know what to do, My boyfriend ignored me for 3 days. Not even texting, calling, just like im waiting for nothing. When he did that to me before, he said that he is busy and he has no cellphone ...
Nayab Mir
I've been dating a guy for more then 5years now. Once he even cheated on me , I gaved him another chance but ever since he cheated on me he is changed he is ignoring me to much. He don't wanna break u...
Somebody help I want this guy to like me
I like this guy but he completely ignores me what shall I do. Guys help me!!!!
@Jeanne, heyyyy
Megan Colleen Morris
so I've been dating my boyfriend for 9 months now and recently i feel like he doesnt care anymore. he gets mad at me over the smallest things and blames me for things that are not my fault.
just joined! good to see you guys here
okay. me and this guy that i met at camp have been "together" for about a month, maybe more. we used to talk about seeing each other and how we miss each other, but lately i got into a conversation w...
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