7 Ways for Women to Ramp up Their Sex Appeal Tonight ...


7 Ways for Women to Ramp up Their Sex Appeal Tonight ...
7 Ways for Women to Ramp up Their Sex Appeal Tonight ...

Being sexy is as easy as having confidence. Okay, so maybe not easy for all of us (I know I certainly struggle with confidence) but if you get the right mindset-even just for a little while-you'll be able to supercharge your sex appeal! Here's so awesome tips by popsugar.com to help you become your ideal version of sexy.

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Write down Everything You Love about Yourself

human action, flower, autumn, Go ahead, it's not narcissistic at all. Show yourself some love and jot down your favourite physical attributes, personality traits, accomplishments, anything! It's time to celebrate you.


Put on Something That Makes You Feel Sexy

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, red, blond, This can be lingerie or even your boyfriend's sweater. My personal fave is an oversize shirt or pullover and thigh-high socks. When you feel good, you know you look good, so just walking around the house in your outfit will be enough.


Dim the Lights and Light Some Candles

candle, lighting, decor, flameless candle, Put on your sexy outfit, turn on some music, and let your body give in. If at any moment you feel silly, try your best to push those thoughts aside. If you need some liquid courage, drink a glass of wine before getting started. Pro tip: the more skin exposed the better — candlelight seriously flatters all body types.


Accentuate Your Favourite Feature

hair, lip, face, nose, mouth, Flaunt what you've got. If you love your lips, butt, or even hair, make it the highlight of your look. You don't even have to step a foot outside, either. There's no shame in staring an extra second longer when you pass the mirror.


Experiment with Daring Looks You've Been Afraid to Try

color, face, hair, blue, nose, Play with makeup looks, hairstyles, or different outfits at home. Go as wild as you want, and when you land on a look you love, debut it the next time you go out — or now! It's also fun to lounge at home looking fierce as hell.


Take Yourself out on a Hot Date

face, person, head, mouth, sense, Get dolled up and wear something you feel great in. Then hit the bar solo or make a reservation for one at a place you've been dying to try. Going out alone can feel awkward at first, but it's also thrilling to not need anybody else. Who needs a plus-one when you look damn good anyway?


Write down All Your Insecurities

person, mouth, conversation, leg, screenshot, Confront what you dislike about yourself on paper — and then toss it. Shred it into a hundred pieces if you want. Instead of allowing yourself to get consumed by your toxic thoughts, put it down in front of you, embrace it, and start focusing on the good.

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