The Nitty Gritty 😬 on What You Don't ❌ Learn in Sex Ed πŸ“” ...

US public schools have notoriously insufficient sexual education. Some countries are more advanced, but unfortunately many students still learn more from movies and porn than from a classroom setting. Most schools don't spend much time educating their students on the logistics of intercourse, sexuality, consent, or protection. This is a shame, because for most teens, sex already is or soon will become a big part of their lives. If you're a teen with more questions than answers about sex, check's list of 13 things you don't learn in sex ed, but really should know.

1. It's Normal to Be Interested in Sex β€” or Not

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You're not weird if you're into it before your friends are β€” or if you literally could not care less about it. "You decide when you want to be sexually active," Dr. Simms-Cendan says. Not your partner. Not your crew. YOU.

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