13 Ways to Deal with an Old Flame ...


If you have ever had that awkward encounter with an ex, I'm here to give you 13 ways to deal with an old flame. The following will help guide you on what to do when he calls, stalks, or runs into you when you're out. If you are that crazy ex girlfriend you will see why your ex might say what he says to you. Either way, these ways to deal with an old flame will give you that confidence boost that it's okay to not always be the nice girl when it comes to dealing with an ex fling.

1. Shut down

Shut down

The most important thing when dealing with an old flame is making sure he knows there is nothing there between you two anymore. Don't be afraid to be blunt and honest about it either, because any type of niceness or beating around the bush can be mistaken as a sign you are still into him. Things will already be awkward, don't make it worse by giving him the upper hand in thinking you still are heartbroken over him. Go ahead and say to him, "I just want to be clear there is nothing between us anymore." It will work every time, and it feels good to bruise his ego a little bit.

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