7 Ways to Deal when It Comes to Your Boyfriend's Female Friends ...


7 Ways to Deal when It Comes to Your Boyfriend's Female Friends ...
7 Ways to Deal when It Comes to Your Boyfriend's Female Friends ...

Learning a few ways to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends can help you eliminate feelings of jealousy and insecurity. Forbidding your boyfriend from having female friends isn’t the answer because he will most likely secretly resent that you are trying to control his friendships. If you are facing this relationship dilemma, I’m going to share 7 ways to deal with your boyfriend's female friends.

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Become Allies

person, blond, A major reason why you are jealous over his female friends is that you fear he will leave you for one of them. One of the ways to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends is to become their ally. To calm these fears, get to know each of them on a one-on-one basis. Invite her to have brunch or dinner with you.


You can also try to build a friendship with your boyfriend's female friends. Show them that you care about them and that you're not threatened by their presence. Ask questions about their lives, and be open to talking with them. Show them that you're interested in their lives and that you want to get to know them better. This will help to build trust and show your boyfriend that you are supportive of his female friends. It will also help to show your boyfriend that you are not jealous of his female friends and that you are confident in your relationship.


Hang out Together

, Or if you prefer, you could hang out as a group instead. Invite her to hang out with you, your man and a group of other friends. If she has a significant other, invite him as well. This will give you a chance to see what this girl acts like when she is around your man. If she has ulterior motives, her body language will give it away.


Hanging out as a group is a great way to get to know someone better. It allows everyone to interact with each other in a more relaxed setting, and can help to identify any potential ulterior motives. By inviting a significant other, it also shows that you respect the relationship between them and your man. It is important to remember that it is natural for people to have friendships with people of the opposite sex, and that it is important to be respectful of these relationships. Having a healthy and open dialogue with your man about his female friends can help to ensure that everyone is comfortable and that the relationship is based on trust.


Give the Friendship a Chance

human action, person, image, red, photography, Whenever you hang out with this girl, just act like yourself rather than a jealous girlfriend. Avoid being cold or rude to her as that will only build tension and negativity, making everyone feel uncomfortable. She might be a cool person that you could bond with so give her a chance. You will also gain points with your boyfriend by accepting his female friends.


Dealing with Incoming Texts or Calls

music, Chances are you instantly become suspicious whenever you see a text message from an unknown female on your boyfriend’s cell. Before you make the worst assumptions, ask for information about this girl. Your boyfriend should tell you facts like the length of time they have been friends, how did they meet, were they ever involved romantically and is she single. He should also be willing to show you a text message from her if you ask.


It is important to remember that it is normal for your boyfriend to have female friends. While it is perfectly natural to feel a bit jealous or uneasy when you see a text from an unknown female on your boyfriend's phone, try not to jump to conclusions. A good way to handle the situation is to ask your boyfriend for more information about the girl. This may include how long they have been friends, how they met, if they have ever been romantically involved, and if she is single. He should also be willing to show you a text message from her if you ask.

It is important to remember that your boyfriend should respect your feelings. If you are feeling uncomfortable about the situation, he should be willing to talk to you about it and make sure that you are both on the same page. He should also be willing to limit his contact with her if it makes you feel more comfortable.

It is also important to remember that you should trust your boyfriend. If he is honest with you and is willing to talk about the situation openly, then it is likely that he is not doing anything wrong.


The Flirty Friend

meal, sense, Another type of female friend that your boyfriend may have is a flirtatious one that actually wants him for herself. This girl is easy to spot because she is the one that is incessantly calling, e-mailing or texting him. She is also known to call late at night while you are in bed together. When dealing with a girl like this, your boyfriend has to set the friendship boundaries. If you try to do it, she will only increase the annoying man-stealing behavior.


This type of female friend may also try to get physically close to your boyfriend, such as hugging or touching him frequently. She may also try to spend alone time with him, whether it's going out to lunch or hanging out at his place. It's important for your boyfriend to communicate with her that he is in a committed relationship and that her behavior is not appropriate. As the girlfriend, it's important to trust your boyfriend and not let this type of friend cause any insecurities in your relationship. If the flirtatious behavior continues, it may be necessary for your boyfriend to distance himself from this friend to maintain the integrity of your relationship.


Discuss It with Your Boyfriend

romance, If it's making you uncomfortable that your boyfriend is friends with this girl, ask yourself why. Is it because you are jealous or insecure about the relationship and just assuming the worst? Or is because you have concrete proof that something fishy is going on between them? If you suspect his female friend has ulterior motives, bring up the issue with your man.


It's important to have an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend about your feelings towards his female friend. It's natural to feel a little uneasy when your significant other has close relationships with people of the opposite sex, but it's important to communicate your concerns in a calm and respectful manner. Ask him about their friendship and try to understand the dynamic between them. If you have specific reasons for feeling uncomfortable, share them with him and listen to his perspective. Remember to trust your partner and give them the benefit of the doubt unless you have solid evidence of any wrongdoing.


Stop Worrying

human hair color, hair, face, person, blond, If their friendship appears completely platonic and your boyfriend treats her like one of the guys, stop worrying over her. Although she may be model-hot and have an awesome personality, remember that your boyfriend is committed to you. Unless you see signs of suspicious behavior from him, trust him. It will only make him miserable and strain the relationship if you are constantly fighting over this issue.

Of all the things that you do when dealing with his friends, try not to give ultimatums unless you are seriously prepared to end the relationship. Do you know any other healthy ways to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends?

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@Kaitlynn no girl no! My boyfriend did the same to me and after 6 months I told him "if you can't add me to your social networking site I am out the door" and I meant it! If your man won't add you (or his mama) on Facebook... it's probably because he's doing stuff neither of you would approve of!

Mine immediately gets angry any time I ask nonconfrontationally about his friends...and then wonders why I don't trust him. I am so screwed :/

My boyfriend cheated on me at one point but has changed and shown that he really cares about me and doesn't want to lose me. My problem is that he gets along with females more so he tends to have more female friends and I feel comfortable with it given the previous situation. How can I overcome this?

Female friends? What female friends? Hahhahhahahah

Here's the deal, men don't need a have a little flock of hoes on the side or little "friends". Little boys do that. A real man will honor u and lift u up and u should never have to deal with this. If his little girlfriends r more important, screw him then

What if it's an ex? How can I deal with it? Especially when I don't like her and lost respect for her.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. He recently started hanging out with this girl, who is very flirtatious, touchy and has strange friend boundaries. She's constantly wanting to hang out with him and texting him at all kinds of hours. I saw how the two of them interact with each other and she is way out of line. My boyfriend says she makes him uncomfortable but he really likes her as a person and friend. He has limited their contact but she's constantly trying to get him alone to hang out with her. I'm worried that he has feelings for her too. What else can I do to put this problem to rest?

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